[­čÄ«CONSOLE] Anime Crossover Defense Codes Wiki – 11 Codes

Finally, Anime Crossover Defense was released on 10th May 2024 on Roblox and Today we will show you [­čÄ«CONSOLE] Anime Crossover Defense Codes. Just like Anime Fortress and Anime Last Stand. You can play with your favorite characters from anime shows.

In Anime Crossover Defense, You can get heroes and there are 4 types of heroes available. Traits are obtained by using 5 Crystal Helixs in the Laboratory. Now Let’s talk about Anime Crossover Defense Codes and How to redeem them in the game.

finally Anime Crossover is now available on CONSOLE] as well and you will find [­čÄ«CONSOLE] Anime Crossover Defense Update Codes below

[­čÄ«CONSOLE] Anime Crossover Defense Codes

Using Anime Crossover Defense codes help you to get free gems and Star shards. Now you will these gems to summon units in the game and with the help of Star Shard, you can buy Legendary Rift Orbs from Shop.

If you have 2000 Star Shard that means you can buy an Anime Crossover Defense battle pass, So that’s the importance of Anime Crossover Defense Codes.

Note: We added 2 new codes on 19th May 2024 for Anime Crossover Defense Mini Update

  • Console ÔÇô (NEW)
  • Bean
  • MiniUpdate
  • 100kmembers
  • ZerozKingner
  • BlamSpot
  • StarCodeVanilla
  • 1mvisits
  • 15k
  • 10k
  • Valk
  • Release
  • Sebbyastian
  • MozKing
  • KingLuffy

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How to Redeem Codes for Anime Crossover Defense

Redemption of Anime Crossover Defense codes is not a complicated process, Similar to Anime Fantasy, there is a CODE NPC instead of redeem codes, which means you have to go near CODE NPC to redeem codes.

Step 1: Launch Anime Crossover Defense.

Step 1: Once you are on the server, move forward and you will see an NPC with Code written above it.

Anime Crossover Defense Codes Redeem step 2

Step 1: When you enter the NPC’s range, the redemption code screen will open. Now you have to Enter codes in the Box and Click on the Redeem button to get free Gems and Star Shards.

Anime Crossover Defense Codes Redeem step 3

If everything is done correctly, a notification will appear on the screen about the Code successfully Redeeming.

Those are all the Anime Crossover Defense codes that are available to redeem right now, You can Also Read:

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