Anime Crossover Defense Traits Guide – All Traits List

Our detailed Anime Crossover Defense Traits guide will help you find the best trait in Anime Crossover Defense for your units Here’s what each Anime Crossover Defense trait does, and the odds you’ll have of rerolling one.

Each trait in the game has something unique, some traits can increase damage, Speed, and Range so basically these traits help your units during battles.

So, here is a comprehensive Anime Crossover Defense Traits Tier List. For free Gems and Shards check out: Anime Crossover Defense Codes

Anime Crossover Defense Traits Guide – All Traits List

Anime Crossover Defense Traits

There are 4 types of Traits in Anime Crossover Defense. Impossible –  It has a 0.2%  chance of obtaining, Mythical –  It has a 1%, Legendary has a 5% chance, Epic has a 30% chance and Rare has a 63.8% chance of obtaining.

Anime Crossover Defense Traits Tier List

S Tier

  • Omnipotent – Increase Damage by 140%, Speed and Range by 10%, but reduce the Unit’s max placement amount to 1.
  • Doppelgänger – Increase unit placement amount by 1, Damage by 50%, Range by 25%, Speed by 10% and 10% Cost Reduction
  • CEO – Increase Coin Generation by 30%, Cost Reduction by 25%, Range by 40%, Damage by 20% and Speed by 10%

A Tier

  • Innovator – Increases coin generation by 25%, cost reduction by 10%, range by 25%, and speed by 10%.
  • Nanomachines – Increases damage by 25%, range by 15%, and speed by 15%
  • Lightspeed – Increases speed by 25%

B Tier

  • Super Sonic – Increases speed by 15%
  • Hawkeye – Increases range by 50%
  • Radiant – Increases damage by 25%

C Tier

  • Range – Increases range by 25%
  • Speed – Increases speed by 10%
  • Strength – Increases damage by 10%

D Tier

  • Range – Increases range by 5%
  • Speed – Increases speed by 5%
  • Strength – Increases damage by 5%

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