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Welcome to our Anime Crossover Defense Trello & Wiki. Since there are so many Units, Artifacts, Traits, Unit Banner, and much more. To learn about all these things you can visit Trello and Wiki of Anime Crossover Defense.

If you want free earn Free Star Shards in the game then you can check out our Anime Crossover Defense Codes page, where you will find all working codes available. Now Let’s talk about Trello and what you will find in trello

Anime Crossover Defense Trello & Wiki

You can access the Trello board for Anime Crossover Defense, can visiting the link mentioned below.

Here’s all the stuff you can check out in the Anime Crossover Defense Trello board:

  • General Information
  • Traits
  • Mythic Units
  • Legendary Units
  • Epic Units
  • Epic Units
  • Rare Units
  • Upcoming Units
  • Artifact List
  • Crystals List
  • Worlds
  • Rifts

Anime Crossover Defense Trello Link

Here is the Anime Crossover Defense Trello


Here is the Anime Crossover Defense Discord Link


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Anime Crossover Defense FAQ

Unit Banner

A banner consisting of different rarity units, you spend gems to summon for a random unit on the banner. Featured units have higher summon rates than non-featured units.
You can reach pity, by getting a mythic unit, at 500 summons.

Plays this animation when summoned on: Summon

Enemy Types

Enemy types are enemies that work differently based on their attributes and buffs or debuffs.

Current enemy types include:

  • Attacking – They attack your units and stun them, leaving them unable to attack
  • Shielded – For every 1 shield, they absorb one instance of damage.
  • Flying – Cannot be hit by normal units, requires an aerial unit to be hit.
  • Sprinting – If shielded, may or may not sprint after shield-breaking
  • Split – Split into a cluster of enemies on death
  • Transform – Transforms upon reaching a certain threshold of HP.
  • Bosses – These may or may not attack your units and stun them.


Currency is split into gems and crystals. Gems can be obtained by collecting units and redeeming them in the collections tab, quests, stages, and infinite, Crystals are currently only obtainable through Robux.

That’s it for this Anime Crossover Defense Trello & Wiki.

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