Anime Defenders Update 2 Patch Notes & Update Log

What’s up guys we’re back and the Developers ofΒ  Anime Defenders will finally release the Anime Defenders Update 2 on the 16th of June. if you don’t know anime Defenders is the new top-tower defense game of all time.

In the Anime Defenders Update 1 we have got so many new things like Raid Mode, Blue Planet

Anime Defenders Update 2 Patch Notes & Update Log


  • Buffed Quest gems
  • Buffed Infinite Mode gems on later waves
  • Buffed Shop Robux gems
  • Buffed Worthiness (no longer possible to get a C on 100% worthiness)
  • Unit Level Cap increased to 70

πŸ“œ New Limited Banner!

  • 1 Secret
  • 2 Mythics
  • 1 Legendary
  • 1 Epic
  • 1 Rare

πŸ—Ό Tower Of Eternity Gamemode!

  • Climb the tower with randomized enemy paths!
  • Huge gem rewards per floor
  • Compete for the leaderboards!

πŸ‘‘ Season Leaderboard Rewards!

  • Added leaderboard rewards for Infinite Mode and Tower of Eternity!
  • Walk up to the leaderboard and press E to view rewards
  • New Leaderboard Unit
  • New Leaderboard Titles

πŸ—ΊοΈ New Story Mode Maps!

  • Added 2 New Maps
  • 12 New Chapters
  • 2 Infinite Levels

😈 New Raid Map!

  • Added Cursed Train Raid!
  • New Raid Currency – Raid Shards (Yellow)
  • Raids now have a chance to randomly drop the unit on completion (for both old and new raids!)
  • New Raid Unit!

➑️ Trade Updates!

  • Items can now be sold on Booths!
  • Added RAP Graph to see estimated market prices
  • Added User Info Viewing; click players in trading lobby to view their stats!
  • Added Trading Restrictions (limit trades, sales, and purchases per account based on certain factors)
  • Star Rift (Rainbow) is no longer tradeable

♻️ Quality of Life and Misc.

  • Added Play Next button (finally)
  • Added New Star Fruit (Dark)
  • Unit Rebalances
  • Unit Visual Reworks (more notes on that below)

πŸ€– Anti-Bot Measures!

  • New Captcha System to combat automated bots
  • Certain actions in the game can’t be done without completing a Captcha

Anime Defenders Update 1 Patch Notes

* Raids open every 2 hours for 1 hour
* Raid shop with items and units
* New Raid Units
* Randomized discounts every time the shop opens
* New Raid map

* 12 Chapters, so much content!!

* 6 new limited units
* 20% Discount for VIP Gamepass holders
* Units become tradeable in 10 days
* AFK Lobby buffed
* ALT Farming nerfed
* 2 New Leaderboards (LB rewards coming soon)
* New Quests
* Bug fixes
* QOL: Added arrows to show direction of enemy travel at start of game

That’s it guys for this Anime Defenders Update 2 Patch Notes & Leak, Sneak Peak, Once the update is released we will update this with more information and update Logs.

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Mohsin Ahmed is an eSports author at treyexgaming, and has written over 200+ articles for their eSports division. He is an undergradate student at Jamia Hamdard University.

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