Anime Fortress Tier List & Trello – Best Units Guide

Hi guys, Finally we have got the Anime Fortress Tier List and In this article, we will tell you the tier list of best units. So Anime Fortress beta is going on Roblox which is an anime-style tower defense game, In which you can get units by summoning and you use these units in Story Mode, Challenges, and Infinite Mode.

Anime Fortress Tier List & Trello – Best Units Guide


Anime Fortess Tier List

What are Units?

Units are the characters you can obtain by using gems in “Summon”.

They are placed on the ground in the levels/acts to defend the gate

Different Rarities and Abilities

There are different rarities and abilities for every unit.

The rarities range from:

  • Secret ???
  • Mythic 0.1%
  • Legendary 2%
  • Epic 43.3%
  • Rare 18.2%

Best —> Worst (May be updated in the future)

  • Speedoil (Farmer)
  • Meguming (Hybrid)
  • Strongest Sorcerer (Hybrid)
  • Eagle (Hybrid)
  • Madera (Hybrid)
  • Curse King (Grnd)
  • Luff (Mode 2) (Hybrid)
  • Itechi (Hybrid)
  • Senju (Grnd)
  • Mr.0 (Hybrid)
  • Blackhair (Grnd)
  • Katakuli (Grnd)
  • Luff (Zombie Mode) (Grnd)
  • Saber (Physical)
  • Zenitsi (Grnd)
  • Borsalino (Hybrid)
  • Goku (Hybrid)
  • Ruki (Grnd)
  • Tanjiron (Grnd)
  • Inosuke (Grnd)
  • Kakasi (Hybrid)
  • Nami (Grnd)
  • Sanji (Grnd)
  • Mingo (Grnd)
  • Luff (Grnd)
  • Ichi (Grnd)
  • Zaruto (Grnd)

Some units can be a Hybrid type, which means they are the only ones who can attack Ghost Mobs.

Terms and Their Abbreviations

Banner – It means Character Summoning, on the main screen you can see “summon” This will bring you to the banner.

DPS – Damage Per Second, Relative to AOE, SPA, and Damage Output.

CD – Cool Down, The waiting period of a manual ability of a unit.

SPA- Seconds Per Attack, The wait time between each attack.

AoE – Area of Effect, The style of attack, carrying with Single, Cone, Circle, or Full AoE.

AoE (Cone) – A cone-shaped attack style, any enemies within the cone will be hit.

AoE (Circle) – A circle-shaped attack style, enemies inside the circle will be hit.

AoE (Full) – A AoE is taking the unit’s entire range; anybody within the range will be hit.

AoE (Line) – A AoE as a line, much like Cone AoE, no difference besides the end does not protrude.

Meta – Shortened for MetaGame, Meta is usually the best strategy or route towards a goal.

Inf – Shortened for Infinite, referring to the game mode.

LB – An abbreviation for Leaderboard, where you will see the high scores on specific aspects of the game.

TS – Abbreviation for Time Stop, When a unit freezes enemies in place for a set time.

That’s it for this Anime Fortress Tier List & Trello.

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