BangBang Survivor Tier List – Best Skills & Build

Hi guys, Today we will talk about the BangBang Survivor Tier List of Best Skills in the Game. During battles when you level up, you get different skill options on screen and you can choose any skill you want just like the game.

These skills are also known as Weapon Skills or Core. Since there are so many skills you also can combine them with support skills to combine them in a Combo Skills. When you start the battle, you will get 1 Active Skill and after each level, you have to select a new skill our BangBang Survivor Skill Tier List will help you to find the right skills.

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BangBang Survivor Guide – Skills, Builds & Tier List

Skills Ranking

S Tier

  • Guided Laser – Guided Laser is one of the strongest single-target skills, and if you can find Refract +1, it turns into an AoE skill.
  • Cyclone Cannon
  • Crippling Crush – Slow effects inflicted by the Armored Vehicle +4s

A Tier

  • Frost Generator
  • Armored Vehicle
  • Energy Beam
  • Blaze Bullet – Bullets Evolve into Blaze bullets and ignite targets

B Tier

  • EM Spike
  • EM Diversion – EM Spike is released one extra time with damage reduced by 20%
  • Dry Ice Bomb
  • Thermo Bomb
  • Fatal Impact – Whenever an Armored Vehicle hits zombies then the Armored Vehicle takes +20% damage for 6 sec.

C Tier

  • Electron Transition
  • Aerial Bomb
  • Volly
  • Abundant Fuel Filling

What skills to pair with if you are maining guns

if you mainly upgrade your guns, try pairing gun upgrades with preconditions for elemental upgrades (for example, Thermo Bomb for blaze bullets, etc.) And, if needed, try picking CC skills such as Ice Storm Generator, Cyclone Cannon, and Armored Vehicle to give yourself more time to deal damage (and reload)

BangBang Survivor Skill Evolution

Thermal bomb+ Gun = Explosive round
EM Spike + Guide Laser =  EM Spike target that guides laser hit
Energy Beam + Guide laser = Lots more damage
Cyclone + Frost Generator = freeze cyclone

BangBang Survivor Build by deathfisaro

Such an early game everyone has very different gems so I doubt my build works but I’ll still share

  • EM Spike + ET gem -> carry early waves but falls off later so not investing many upgrades
  • Fuel Bomb + range + 2 extra casts -> turtles block ballistics and are weak to fire so using non-ballistic fire skill to take care of them
  • Drone + size + stun –> good damage with little upgrades and the stun can stall the birds
  • ET + ET bounce+3 gem + ET deals 15% damage to enemies on its path gem + extra initial target -> this also stalls the birds

The problem is turtles blocking your projectiles so it’s very difficult to get to the birds and they pile up and DPS a ton

So that ruled out the projectiles (including the gun) and the ground skills. Guided laser was too single target (I don’t have any gems that modify this).

Frost Generator + 2 extra casts + range + 2s duration could be the map covering stall for birds but I never got the right RNG for close to 400 stamina so I gave up on it

That left me with 5 skills: EM, FB, Drone, ET, and Cyclone

Theoretically, cyclone is good but it always moves up and chills on the top of the map while birds pile up and damage the fort so the runs I took cyclone didn’t work out that well

Mercs = blue blazing trooper + blue shotgunner, only have the 4 basic mercs anyway
1340 ATK or so, don’t remember exactly

I just wanted to unlock GR3 for T6 gear so that’s why I threw several hours and hundreds of stamina at it, otherwise, I’d simply grind some weeks and attempt it with higher ATK & skill level

That’s it for this BangBang Survivor Tier List

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