Cat Hero Idle Rpg Tier List Wiki & Best Build Guide

Cat Hero Idle RPG is a popular RPG game developed by Gameduo. In this guide, we will show you the Cat Hero Idle Rpg Tier List and the Cat Hero Idle Rpg Best Builds. It’s not easy to decide which heroes to aim for and which is best Build in Cat Hero Idle Rpg.

Because of this, we’ve created this guide that gives you a guide about Cat Hero Idle RPG Cat Build. It is a popular choice among players for both the early and late stages of the game, primarily because it is straightforward to implement and suits the needs of most players as well as having the most companions and skills of all the builds.

Unlike the Wolf Build, which incorporates specific mechanics, the Cat Build is efficient and effective without any gimmicks.

Build Mechanics

  • Early game: Chuck as many kittens as your MP bar allow you to.
  • Mid-game: Get that laser fest going
  • Late game : Punish mere mortals with the power of all gods and a thousand sun raining from the sky

Cat Hero Idle Rpg Tier List Wiki & Best Build Guide


Lulu is straight-up the best cat companion in the game. He shines even at level 1 giving insane crit boost and becomes even more handy later by boosting CatHeroes

Oracle is very important for late-game cloud/cat build but is mythic and costs 12MP so it’s whale territory only, requiring insane rune support

Jack Tiger is one of the most important parts of the build mid-game and onward, boosting

Pirate Sign  a lot and making it one of the main damage dealing skill

Tulip is probably the most used companion despite being epic, best defensive option you have

Tanker will be the core of most pre-late-game cat builds, making Cat Laser your main damage-dealing skill

Roro becomes usable at 3-4 stars by casting terror on enemies + buffing Lulu’s first passive

Jack Striker is required to have a good Oceans Punishment added into your build

Spark is used when you have Scratch synergizing with Cat Heroes or main cat legendary runes

Cat Hero Idle Rpg Companions Tier list

Companions Tier list


Cat Heroes is the most important skill for mid-late game build and is probably the first mythic skill you should buy. Lulu Boost it a lot but it is also good by itself.

Oceans Punishment is the best boss killer of the game and will be most people’s second mythic skill, requiring a good enough JackStriker to support it

Shaman Cat is the cherry on top for a late-game cat build but requires insane rune support to be viable so only go for it if you’re willing to spend 10K+

Pirate Sign is just an insane skill that deals HUGE amounts of damage but requires a very low cooldown. It’s usable when Jack Tiger is less than 6 stars but becomes way better after that point. Never use under 2 star

Magic Shield no need to introduce shield again, it’s just the best defensive option in the game paired with Tulip

Cat Laser  will be the core of the cat build for the majority of players, being heavily boosted by Tanker and Cat Black + some runes

Black Hole  is an awesome support skill that is mainly used to group enemies before casting CatLaser

Scraaaatch  is a very forgotten skill but being a cat type and pricing 12 times it becomes very good when paired with Cat Heroes or the main legendary cat runes (electric shock and cast laser)

Main Runes

If you’ve been blessed with Cat electric shock or Cast Laser then gg your damage output just got multiplied by 15 gazillion

Cloud-enhanced is only useful with Cat Heroes and Shaman Cat but when used with those it’s insane
BlackHole enhanced is just great, electricity is always an awesome status effect

Cat Laser enhanced is also one of the best runes you could get early game since

Cat Laser is nearly always used and becomes much stronger with it

Cast rare and Magic Shield enhanced is the classic defensive combo making you much more tanky

All the Super Cat runes are a great early-game alternative if you don’t have anything else but it falls off pretty quickly

Sub Runes

Animal MP and +4MP will completely change how you build your team, giving many more possibilities

Cat Deal Ratio is a huge multiplier to all your cat skills, Cat Final Damage is also very good while animal-enhanced scales insanely well with pretty much all build

Early Game Build

Cat Hero Idle Rpg Tier List Wiki & Best Build Guide

Early Mid Game Build

Early game Build Cat Hero Idle Rpg Tier List Wiki & Best Build Guide

Einsteiger Build

Cat Hero Idle Rpg Tier List Wiki & Best Build Guide

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