Gym League Wiki & Trello – Beginner Guide, Stamina

Welcome to Gym League Wiki. Gym League is a brand new Bodybuilding Simulator which is created by 1v2 Studios. After its release in June 2024, the Game has gained so much popularity among players and It has more than 76,164 Active players with a total of 10.4M+ visits.

In this article, we will show you the Gym League Wiki & Trello – Beginner Guide, Stamina you need for each gym So come and check out Gym League Wiki & Trello.

Gym League Wiki & Trello – Beginner Guide, Stamina

Q: How much stamina do you need for each gym?

A: Recommended stamina for all gyms:

  • Beach Gym: 1K
  • Underground Gym: 100K
  • The Gym: 10 million but 1 million is the minimum
  • Golden Gym: 500 million but 300 million is the minimum
  • Cyber Gym: 100 billion but 50 billion is the minimum (Thanks to davi)

Do the muscle gamepasses stack with each other?

A: Yes, the muscle gamepasses stack with each other.

Q: Why do I fall off the treadmill or any machine with auto train?

A: Sometimes you lag while training and that causes auto train to make you fall off.

Q: Why is the bar stuck at 100% half way, and why am I not loading?

A: Just give it some time and you’ll load in, it’s a bug.

Q: How do I equip a title?

A: You should see a settings cog on the top right corner of your screen, click it and equip any title.

Q: How do you disable the extra muscle? (Comes with the muscle gamepasses)

A: Go to the settings cog on the top right corner of your screen, scroll down and turn “Bigger Muscles” off.

Q: What is a body alter and how do i get it?

A: A body alter changes your body and adds a unique texture to it, you can achieve a new alter by getting each stat to 100% and purchasing the alter. You can purchase the body alter in the gym store or in the stat menu.

Q: Does autotrain refill your stamina?

A: Before your stamina bar is completely depleted, autotrain stops for it to fully regen and then continues to work out.

Q: What gamepasses are worth buying?

A: Pumped, Muscle Man, Mutated Genes, Intelligent Trainer, Galaxy Weight. (thanks to violencereign)

Q: What does milk do?

A: It removes all your buffs, do NOT use it if you have buffs you want to keep.

Q: What’s the difference between a macro and an auto clicker?

A: A macro is a sequence of events that can be played back in a loop, and an auto clicker is the automation of a mouse clicking.

Q: Are macros/autoclickers banned in Gym League?

A: No, macros/autoclickers are not banned in Gym League.

Q: How do I change my character’s appearance in-game?

A: Head to Custom then the button under green guy posing.

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