Highschool Hoops Demo[Stress Test] Codes – 6 New Codes

Welcome to our Highschool Hoops Demo[Stress Test] Codes. Created by Delpw, HighSchool Hoops is a Roblox basketball game. In this game, First off you all, you create your character by selecting its hair color, and clothes and after that, you will start playing basketball on the court with other players.

Redeeming Highschool Hoops codes is the best way to get coins So come and take a look at the available codes in Highschool Hoops.

Note: Highschool Hoops Demo[Stress Test] is now available, The Full game will released in the Future so this game MIGHT LAG and you will also face some bugs because the game is not finished yet.

Highschool Hoops Demo[Stress Test] Codes

  • IMPRO – (NEW)
  • NoMoreLz – (NEW)
  • Relox – (NEW)
  • NoLz_4 – (NEW)
  • NoLz_3 – (NEW)
  • NoLz_2 – (NEW)

How to redeem Hoops Life codes

The process is similar to most other Roblox games that offer free codes. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Load up Highschool Hoops on your PC or mobile device using the Roblox app.

Step 2: Tap the menu button in the bottom left-hand corner or you can also press the TAB button to open the menu

Highschool Hoops Codes Redeem Step 1

Step 3: Click on the CODE button, inside the Menu Screen

Highschool Hoops Codes Redeem Step 2

Step 4: Now Copy/paste or type in your code in the Text Box

Highschool Hoops Codes Redeem Step 3

Step 5: Tap the Redeem Code button in the Green color to receive rewards.

Well, that’s all the Highschool Hoops Demo[Stress Test] Codes we have for today! You can check more games like Heros Ascend Dawn Quest Codes and Hoop Heroes Codes

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