Hunter x Mayhem Hatsus Tier List (July 2024)

We are back with the Hunter x Mayhem Hatsus Tier List, Since the game is new It is very hard to create a Tier List and also Hunter x Mayhem is right now in the Stress Test so this is our tier-list based on rarity.

There are many Hatsus in the game and they are categories in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical rarity, you can find the Hunter x Mayhem Hatsus Tier List below. If you want more information about items and weapons, You can check out Hunter X Mayhem Trello

Hunter x Mayhem Hatsus Tier List

S Tier

  • Aura Synthesis
  • Bungee Gum
  • Holy Chain

A Tier

  • Dragonhead
  • Deep Purple
  • Big Bang
  • Lightning

B Tier

  • Art of the Sword
  • Aura Ball
  • Bankruptcy

C Tier

  • Needles
  • Hide and Seek
  • Jajanken

D Tier

  • Rainbow
  • Tag
  • Remote Punch

Hunter x Mayhem Best Hatsus Moves

Aura Synthesis

Aura Synthesis

Aura Consume

  • The first move of Aura Synthesis is very simple it grabs your opponent ripping their arm off and consuming their aura activating King State.

Rage Blast

  • Rage Blast creates a ball of aura in front of your hands launching it and obliterating anything in its path.

Rage Beam

  • When you use this move it Jump backwards into the air shooting a beam slightly in front of where you were.

Photon Tracker

  • Photon Tracker Send out photons of your aura detonating on impact.


  • If you will use Metamorphosis move during the effect of aura consume (king state), unleash a hatsu skill of the opponent you’ve eaten.

Bungee Gum

Bungee Gum

Card Throw: It is the first move of Bungee Gum that throw cards and hold to increase cards.

Bungee Gum: It Releases a string of bungee gum at your mouse’s location. You can use M2 to release strings

Card Barrage: A flurry of sticky cards.

Sneaky Gum: Sneaky Gum moves Sneak behind your opponent and finish them off with a deadly blow

Holy Chain

Holy Chain

Chain Pierce: Conjure a chain to pull in enemies.

Chain Whip: Unleash a devastating chain slamming it onto opponents.

Chain Barrage: Unleash a barrage of piercing chains before a gut punch.

Counter Link: Assume a seemingly vulnerable pose to lure enemies into a counter.

Healing Cross: Use the cross from your chain to restore health based on your max.



Rising Dragon: Rising Dragon is the first move of Dragonhead and It Uppercut your enemies with the power of a dragon, slamming them down with your fangs shortly after.

Abrupt Fang: The Abrupt Fang move is a 2nd move of  Dragonhead that Unleashes a dragon to decimate your foes.

Draconic Flurry: 3rd move Draconic Flurry move sends out a barrage of dragons out in front of you.

Surprise Bite: It Counters an enemy and sends a dragon to devour them.

Dragon Dive: 5th move of Dragonhead will help you to Jump into the air, before slamming down towards your cursor.

Deep Purple

Whispering Shroud: It Constructs a wall of smoke that wall splats opponents and shields the user from incoming projectiles.

Smokey Squad: It Summon ranged smoke troopers that shoot smoke darts.

Ambush: It Utilize smokey troopers to totally decimate your target in a grab.

Smokey Jail: Smokey Jail move Summon a dome-shaped cloud jail. Whilst in the radius you’re invisible with a movement speed buff until you attack.

Whiplash:  5th move of Deep Purple shoot a projectile forwards and if it lands summon a smokey trooper to knock the target towards you.

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