Apex Legends: How to get better

Apex Legends is one of the largest battle royale games in the world right now. Everyone is currently trying to understand out how they can be the best of the best. If you are struggling at Apex, we can help. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you on your road to becoming a better Apex player.

Avoid leaving your teammates 
Apex Legends is a team-based battle royale, meaning everyone is on a team of three. You should always avoid leaving your teammates and wandering off. If you are alone and run into another squad, you could be in some trouble. Solo squads in Apex legends is not a good idea at all if you aren’t skilled at the game.

It’s not worth finishing downed enemies 
Although it may be tempting to finish downed enemies for the kill and satisfaction, it usually is not worth finishing them. Instead, use the deceased to your advantage. Hide in the corner and wait until their teammate comes to revive them, then leap out and slay them.

Utilize the ping system 
The ping system is there for a reason. Use and practice it. The ping system is especially useful if your teammates don’t have microphones, the ping system is the difference between good team communication and poor team communication. Nine out of ten times the team with good communication wins the match.

Only use the attachments you actually need 
Every day I see numerous players pick up attachments they don’t even need. If you see a red sign when approaching an attachment, it means you don’t have a weapon that it is compatible with said attachment.

Don’t play passive 
One of the major mistakes that I made when I was learning Fortnite, was I played too passive. When you play passive and go for wins, you aren’t improving. Although you may be getting wins, you aren’t actually getting good at the game. If you have found a fight that you have a favorable shot at winning, take it. Don’t camp. Ever.

Don’t camp 
Like other battle royale games, sitting in a building is not going to help you improve. Instead, go out there and take favorable gunfights. The more you play, the more skillful you become. Although it may be tempting to sit in a house and wait for the last team, this will just bore you. Camping is a total waste of time in all battle royale games.

Take a break 
Don’t play Apex for 12 hours straight. Although it sounds pleasant, it is not good for your physical or mental health. If you aren’t feeling good you are gonna get distracted and you aren’t gonna play to the best of your ability. Take regular 20-minute breaks and trust me, you will play 10 times better. Also, drink plenty of water and eat healthily.

Use your ability wisely. 
Each legend has a separate ultimate ability that changes the gameplay. You are better off using your ultimate ability rather than saving it. At first, I always saved my abilities but then I ended up dying. Use your abilities. They recharge pretty quickly anyway. Some abilities are also noisier than others. For example, Lifelines Ultimate is very loud and should only be used away from enemies.

Don’t take a fight unless you have armor 
This is common sense. If you don’t have armor and you are about to fight a full squad, you have a better chance of survival if you just run. Armor is essential for survival in Apex Legends.

Don’t respawn mid-fight 
Many teammates of mine have revived me mid-fight. This is a terrible decision and should never be done. Respawning makes a lot of noise and quickly attracts your enemies back towards you.

Mess with your settings 
Many teammates of mine have revived me mid-fight. This is a terrible decision and should never be done. Respawning makes a lot of noise and quickly attracts your enemies back towards you.

Work as a team 
You have to look out for your teammates. They are just as important as you. Don’t be greedy, give them some loot! If they die because of a lack of loot or armor, you are at a massive disadvantage. Communication is also really important in Apex. If you can, use your microphone and communicate with your team via game chat. If you can’t, use the communication system.

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