CSGO Review: Worth it in 2019?

It feels as if Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been around forever. Since I first got involved in the gaming world CSGO has always been talked about because of its vast and open esports world. The game has survived for so many years and is still going strong. Wondering if you should hop onto the CSGO train? We can help you make up your mind.

One of the best features of CSGO is its game modes. It has multiple solid game modes that are all really entertaining. When I went through my CSGO phase I found myself being almost addicted to CSGO because if I got bored of one game mode, I had another one to play. I had a blast in every single one. Valve really did a great job at optimizing their game modes so that there is something for everyone to play. If you aren’t feeling the matchmaking, you can also join public servers.

Another feature that makes CSGO so special is the fact that it is one of the best-optimized games on Steam in my opinion. The performance across all devices is just plain brilliant. I used to play CSGO at 100 frames on a pretty meh machine. Not bad if you ask me. I’ve seen CSGO not only run but run very well on some pretty terrible PCS. I give Valve full credit for optimizing their game so well. If you have a rubbish PC you can play CSGO.

The guns in CSGO all feel incredible to use. The animations are smooth and sleek and each and every one of them is fun to use. I also appreciate the fact of how accurate the weapons in CSGO are. Unlike other games, it’s not about luck, it’s about skill. It is about how you use your weapon, in the way you use your weapon and the position you use your weapon at. Grinding and getting better at CSGO really does feel rewarding as you can notice the difference in your skill as you improve. You will also start to notice a difference in your aim in almost every other FPS you play. My aim improved dramatically after playing CSGO.

The maps in CSGO are amazing. All of them have good cover and most of them contain a bunch of detail. Some maps are taken in and out of the competitive pool quite often aswell. One of my favorite maps is Dust II just because of its simplicity. One of my favorite things about CSGO when I first joined was exploring all of the maps and getting familiar with them and I think anyone new to CSGO will enjoy exploring the maps as much as I did.

I’ve noticed some of my friends have been complaining about the fact that CSGO gameplay can become quite repetitive. This is something I personally have never been affected by as I don’t have enough hours in CSGO, but I can imagine is a real struggle. I guess this factor depends on how easily you get bored.

Another factor that you should consider before downloading CSGO is the fact that the community is not the most welcoming and can be very toxic. You probably will receive a bit of abuse over team voice chat. This, of course, can be avoided by turning team voice chat off and avoiding any CSGO forums but if a strong community is important to you this may be something that could throw you away.

It is also worth noting that CSGO is only available on Steam. Sorry Console gamers, you guys are out of luck.

In conclusion, I think CSGO is a fun multiplayer FPS that is worth the hour’s grind. Especially since CSGO is free now, why not try it? It is free. No, it doesn’t have the best graphics but does that really matter? It may be old but it is still just as good as modern-day shooters.

Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment

Publisher: Valve

Price: Free

Platforms: Steam

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