How to improve at Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is not an easy game for beginners. Some people have been playing this game for years and are unbelievably good. At first, you will struggle against skilled players. But don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you improve at Rainbow Sie Siege.

Always Aim Down Sights 
One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is not entering ADS enough. As you are going through corridors searching for people in corners, you should always enter ADS as it prepares you for the fight. It saves you that few seconds that it takes to enter ADS. People don’t realise how important entering ADS is. You should spend a lot of time perfecting your ADS technique as mastering it is a crucial step on your road to becoming a better player. You should also watch professional players and see how and when they enter ADS.

In Rainbow Six Siege almost everything makes noise. Make sure you have your volume at a reasonable level, you have a good headset and you’re not playing music. Listening to the actual game without disturbance on a high-quality headset will help you improve a lot. Don’t listen to game sound through built-in speakers on a TV or a Monitor as they are often unreliable.

Use your drone 
You have a drone for a reason. Never bash through a door into a room without first checking if it is safe via a drone. Blindly entering a room without checking will probably get you killed. Don’t be afraid to use your drone in the end game. Drones, in general, is something you need to spend time perfecting. Like the ADS technique, watch pro players and see how and when they use their drone.

Utilize strong positions 
Sometimes, you will find yourself in a position where you have a major height advantage over your opponent. An example is you could be on the roof. If you have a strong position advantage, make use of it. Wait a minute or two and see if anyone turns up underneath you.

Communicate with your teammates 
Communication is going to make a big difference in your gameplay. Get a headset with a decent microphone and chat with your teammates. You can make call outs and inform them of what is happening on your side. Trust me, the second you start communicating your gameplay will improve by a lot. Many teams lose because of a lack of communication

Choose the right attackers and defenders 
Although all the attackers and defenders are fairly well balanced, some are still easier to play than others. Choose attackers and defenders that you are comfortable playing with and have an idea on how to play with them. As you get more hours in Rainbow Six you will gradually get better with all of them. Just be careful what attackers or defenders you choose as knowing how to play your character is very important.

Gain map knowledge 
Like almost every shooter game on the market, map knowledge is especially important. I know, it can be hard remembering every corner of every map. However, the more you play the better you will become. If you put in three hours every single day you will know the maps like the back of your hand. It just takes time and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you.

Think about why you died 
If you die, don’t rage. Instead, stop and think about why you died. If you can figure out what mistake you made it can help you from making that same mistake in the future. If you are consistently dying, record your gameplay and analyse it. See what you are doing wrong and perfect it.

Get the perfect settings 
Always mess around with your settings until you feel comfortable, particularly your sensitivity settings. Try multiple different sensitivities so you know which feels best.

Mess with your settings 
Many teammates of mine have revived me mid-fight. This is a terrible decision and should never be done. Respawning makes a lot of noise and quickly attracts your enemies back towards you.

Be patient 
Improvement doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time. Over time you will get better. Make sure you also take regular breaks. Playing Rainbow Six Siege for 14 hours straight is not good. Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water.

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