The Sims 4 Review

Today, The Sims 4 is one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, it is the fourth-highest ranked life simulation game as of 2019. The game was released in 2014 yet it is still played by millions of people across the world. Why is the Sims so popular? Should you play the Sims? Let’s find out

The Sims 4 is a game based on a character who you get to create. You get to customise and have full control over their appearance, their traits and their likes and dislikes. You move them into a house where you must take care of them like a normal human. Making sure they are fed, their hygiene is kept up to scratch and they are having fun and are exploring their interests. Emotions are also a big deal in the Sims. You are given many tasks to complete and you can level up many skills. As you level up a skill, the better you become at that particular skill.

The glorious thing about the Sims 4 is that the game never ends. You look after this character for as long as you want. There are many settings such as an option to stop natural ageing. The Sims can find love interests and move in with each other and eventually can have children as well. It’s a game based on making friends and living the Sims life to the maximum. You get to watch them make their own family. Consider your sim your child, you are responsible for taking care of it.

You also get to build a house for your Sim. Doing this is incredibly fun. You can purchase items such as lamps, chairs, photos and anything else want. As you earn more money, you can build upon this house and improve it. You can earn additional money by getting a job.

In the Sims world, you have complete control over time. If you want the day to go by fast, you can. If you want it to go slowly, you can. This is incredibly pleasing. I love choosing how fast or how slow the day goes. Everything in the Sims world is under your control.

The Sims 4 has also developed many expansion packs. These expansion packs help add more variety to the game by adding enjoyable content such as pets. Expansion packs can open additional locations you can live and give you individual perks. Expansion packs are a big part of The Sims and are very popular. The price varies depending on the type of expansion pack you want.

Many people have also become creative by creating custom mods. These mods are often free and add even more content to the game. If you are smart enough you can even create your own mods.

The Sims handle multitasking adequately. Switching from one character to the following is fast and straightforward. Having the ability to control more than one person at a time is a lot more interactive. I enjoyed this mechanic a lot.

The UI and graphics in the Sims are fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t the best in the world but they feel right. The Sims doesn’t need fancy 4K HDR graphics as it is a simulation game. I think the graphics are spot on the way they are.

However, after a while I found The Sims starting to feel repetitive. But this depends on how easily you get bored. I can never play The Sims anymore than one hour at a time. That is my personal opinion.

The loading screens are also a pain. Every time you wanna go somewhere you have to sit through a loading screen. My patience is very small and I can’t deal with that.

The Sims 4 is now available on Xbox One and PS4. This was never possible until recently. You can also use Keyboard and Mouse on console as well which is brilliant. I own The Sims on Xbox and using the controller felt wrong. I’m happy they finally added K&M.

In conclusion, I believe The Sims 4 is a solid game because of how much you can do in the game. You have total control of your characters from the beginning to the end of your sims life. The expansion packs also bring so much more to your game and open up so many more items and locations. If you don’t get bored easily and you don’t mind the loading screens, you will have a ton of fun in The Sims.

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