Fortnite Season X review: Was it rushed?

Yesterday, Fortnite Season X was finally released after days of hype. Lots of new content and skins were added as well as a ton of changes to the challenges system. I’ve played the new season for a good few hours now and my final review and first impressions are in.

With a new season, comes a new battle pass. As usual, there are 100 items you can unlock. These items include skins, banners, wraps, toys, gliders, pickaxes and emotes. The skins are okay. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t bad. However, they also aren’t the best skins we have ever seen in Fortnite. I personally prefer the more realistic skins rather than robotic weird styled ones. A lot of them are also remakes of older skins. This doesn’t matter to me but it does to others. I’m also not a big fan of how dark they all are. I like the more happy skins rather than the evil ones. However, this is my opinion. You can, of course, choose yourself whether you like the new skins or not.

With this new battle pass, we also get a new type of challenges named missions. Missions are fun. They take a lot less work than weekly challenges and are more rewarding. There will also be more missions as we progress throughout the season which is excellent. However, I wish they had of kept daily challenges. I quite enjoyed doing daily challenges in previous seasons.

When a new season arrives, we usually get some pretty big map changes. However, this season the map changes are minimal. I know, they are going to make further changes throughout the season. However, these ‘changes’ aren’t going to be any new points of interests. They are all going to be old ones that we have already seen. I just wish they added at least one new location. I was really looking forward to some new locations and it was such a let down when I saw the map. It was as if Epic just got lazy. Hopefully, the map situation improves throughout the season.

With the new season, Fortnite also added Mechs. Worst decision ever. Seriously, whoever at Epic Games made that decision must seriously hate the game. I absolutely hate having a giant robot coming flying at me while firing rockets and shotguns shots. They are also so loud. If you have one near you, you aren’t hearing anything other than the Mech. The Mechs need a giant nerf and fast. I’d honestly be down for it to be totally removed from the game. Mechs are bad enough in normal games, I can’t even imagine them in competitive modes.

With the addition of the Mechs, there is also a lot less mobility since ballers and quads were removed. The games feel so much slower now that I can’t hop into a baller or quad and get to my location fast. Although there are still launch pads and shockwaves, they aren’t as effective and they are harder to find.

I’m also incredibly sad that weapons like the Heavy Sniper and the Drum Gun weren’t nerfed. I have also seen a lot of people on Twitter upset about them vaulting the Flint Knock Pistol. I never used it though so I can’t comment. Other items such as airstrikes, I’m happy they vaulted.

Season X also has a new points system in Arena. I’m going, to be honest with you, I played two games of Arena before I gave up. However, I do think the new points system is cooler and more effective than the old system.

Overall, I do think Epic could have done a better job. The season feels rushed and unfinished. However, they did mention in the patch notes that stuff will change throughout the season. Right now though, in my opinion, season X is the worst season so far. I really hope Epic pulls through with season 11.

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