Minecraft Tips and tricks to help you succeed in 2019

In 2019, the popularity of Minecraft has been revived and the game is once again dominating. For a while, the hype for Minecraft died down a bit with popular games such as Fortnite taking the spotlight away from Minecraft. However, in the past few months, tournaments such as Minecraft Monday has helped redirect that spotlight back on to Minecraft. Every day hundreds of people are trying out Minecraft for the first time and countless more are returning to the game. In fact, on Twitch, the hour’s watched in the last 30 days in the category Minecraft is up by over 11 million! That’s a 60% increase in viewer activity from last month. With all these new and returning players, I decided it would be a great time to compile a list of tips and tricks to succeed in Minecraft. I should also note these tips are for survival, not creative.

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Get a good seed

Before you even create your world, you should find the best seed possible. The last thing you want is to spawn into your brand new world just to discover you have spawned on a tiny island surrounded by a massive ocean. Browse the internet and make test worlds to ensure you have a good seed before creating your survival world.

Choose the best location

Don’t set up camp just anywhere. Make sure you have trees, water, caves and villages near you. However, don’t take too long to decide the perfect spot or night could come.

Get good equipment, as fast as possible

Your number one priority apart from shelter and food should be finding diamonds and making the best equipment as fast as you can. Before you start building fancy houses, making complicated Redstone machines or gathering a dog farm, you should have found diamonds and have at least an enchanted pickaxe and sword. I’ve found that prioritising finding diamonds in the first five days is very effective and it helps you get the game going faster.

Start your world in the best way possible

As mentioned above, your first five days are the most important. In the first five days, you should have a good farm, small house, decent mine and a good supply of wood and food.

Have a backup chest

If worst comes to worst and you end up dying, you will want to have a backup chest equipped with tools, food and armour so you can get to your items before they despawn. I once died super close to my house but I couldn’t retrieve my items and XP as I didn’t have any weapons or food handy and I would have died if I went out. I’m still salty about that.

Keep villagers safe and make a villager hotel

One of the major mistakes that I made when I first started playing Minecraft was ignoring the villagers. I went and stole their food, shelter and everything that belongs to them, even their doors! This eventually caused nearly every villager to die around me which was not good. When I went to find a villager to trade with, there were none. It is also a great idea to create what is known as a villager hotel. A villager hotel is essentially a building where you store and breed villagers so you know their exact location when you want to trade with them.

Organise your inventory and make a storage system

For the love of God, do not just throw all of your items into the one chest. Make a room in your house that is dedicated to item storage. Make multiple large chests and label each one with a sign. Place valuable items into storage before you go exploring and always have an organised inventory.

Explore right

Exploring in Minecraft in incredibly fun. You have no idea what you might find. However, before you go exploring you need to bring multiple items for your safety. Below is a list of items you should always bring:

  • Blocks whether they be stone, wood, dirt, sand or gravel in case you get in a tough position. You can also use these to make temporary houses while exploring.
  • A bucket of water. This can help you get out of Lava and help you climb high mountains.
  • Torches in case you go mining
  • Tools and Armour, for obvious reasons
  • A lot of food
  • Some iron, wood and a crafting table in case you run out of tools. I don’t encourage you to bring diamonds.
  • A bed

You should also ensure all doors are closed at your base before you leave.

Running a successful farm

Farming in Minecraft is really important. You should start off with a wheat farm then acquire other crops such as pumpkins, carrots and potatoes through villagers. Avoid walking on your props. Once you have a good crop farm going, use the crops to attract animals and get an animal farm going aswell. Everyday breed 6 animals and kill 5. Don’t kill sheep for wood. Instead, sheer them.

Choose a mining method

There are so many different mining methods you can choose from, all of them are effective and it’s a personal choice that you can make. Just remember that mining is all luck. There is no secret to finding diamonds. For more information on what mining method to choose, click here to read another article.

Always mine the right layers

In Minecraft, the best layer to mine is between layer 1 and 16. If you want to find out what layer you are on, press f3 on PC. If you are on a different platform, just dig down to bedrock then count up 16 layers. Mark the 16th layer with a different block then mine everything underneath using an appropriate mining method mentioned above.

Don’t play for 15 hours

Playing Minecraft for 15 hours will not be fun. Don’t burn yourself out. Chill out and relax. Minecraft is just a game and is meant to be fun, not stressful. At the end of the day, as long as you are having fun that is all that matters.

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  1. Such good advice bro
    Especially the ‘pay attention to villagers’
    But I don’t agree with the get diamond straight away or the live near caves
    Other than that, Well done!

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