Vigor Review: A brand new free to play survival game


Just a few days ago, we saw the official live release of the brand new survival game named Vigor from the developers of DayZ. I was immediately intrigued when I saw the trailer and I knew I wanted to try it. I installed Vigor and played about five hours of gameplay. I did tests and really got familiar with the game so I could do a detailed review. My final review is in.

Vigor supply drop
Vigor supply drop

Character customisation

The very first task you are asked to complete is to customise your character. This is not done very well at all. You are only given about 5 or 6 options and you have to stick with those characters. You can’t change their hair colour, height, weight or appearance in any way unless you purchase clothes and accessories later on. Although it is not a major turn off, more customisation for your character would have been nice.


Once I had my character choices, the tutorial started. The very first thing I noticed was the graphics. They were amazing. They looked sharp and clear and the detail around me was incredible.

After I had finished admiring the graphics, the tutorial kicked off. I honestly thought it was rather boring but that doesn’t really matter as the tutorial only lasts about five minutes. I would have also likened a bit more detailed tutorial as some questions of mine were left unanswered. However, if you ever forget anything from the tutorial that is fine as in the menu, you can easily access a guide that is always available if you need help. I love this. If I forget how to craft something or I have no idea what I am doing, I can open my guide through the menu screen and easily get my questions answered. Every game should have its guide easily accessible from the main menu, not buried on a website.

Vigor has an incredible map

As I mentioned above, Bohemia did such an amazing job on their maps as always. The environments are all incredibly detailed and are extremely dense. The environments feature tons of locations and houses that you can explore to find gear. Every map also has multiple exists that you can use to escape the gas.


The shooting in Vigor is horrific. That is not even an over-exaggeration. The crosshairs are massive and the bloom is terrible. While you are shooting, the weapon also feels chunky and out of order. I’m not sure what Bohemia was going for here. I just wish they made the weapons more precise and the crosshairs about 15 times smaller. I’m just so used to having weapons that actually shoot where I want them to shoot, then I tried Vigor and my bullets were going everywhere. I know that the bloom gives it a realistic feel but I would have rathered if the weapons were more precise.


Vigors encounters are fun. Every single time I do one of these I am put on the edge of my seat! The terror that builds up while you are playing is insane. If you don’t know what an encounter is, you are put into a match with multiple other people. You have to search the map for materials and grab the supply drop if you dare! Other people could possibly kill you or the radioactive gas could kill you if you take too long. You can also kill other players in Encounters. However, this is risky business. If you manage to kill another player, you get to keep their loot. If you die, you lose everything in your inventory, unless you purchase insurance. Encounters are an enjoyable way to play online in Vigor.

Levelling up your shelter

Although some people dislike the shelter level up system in Vigor, I love it. It gives you a great excuse to grind the game. You also unlock exclusive benefits when you expand upon your shelter.


Bohemia handles microtransactions in Vigor well. You don’t feel forced to buy items as they are only for cosmetic purposes.

The challenges

Another mechanic that is enjoyable in Vigor is the challenges. They offer good rewards and don’t take too long to complete. Usually, I hate doing challenges in video games but in Vigor, I didn’t really mind. I think Bohemia did a great job on the challenges. It is also worth noting that you receive a fair amount of Xbox Achievements. I gained probably about five in the first hour.


I did notice quite a few bugs that are still in the game. Although they aren’t game-breaking, they are still annoying. I’m really hoping these bugs will be fixed within the next few days.

In conclusion, I think Vigor is getting there. Its unique map, fun encounters and interesting gun systems do tie together quite well. It definitely is not the best game I’ve ever played, but it also certainly is not the worst. Vigor definitely has a bright future if Bohemia maintains it well. Considering this game is free-to-play, I would recommend you try it.

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