Flash is being removed from Chrome, edge and Firefox soon


Adobe, Google and Microsoft have officially announced that they will not be supporting Flash anymore, starting later this year. The beloved software has been used by millions to play online games, watch videos and do many other tasks online. Although the software was widely used, updated programs such as HTML5 and WebG have quickly become bigger and better.

Now many browsers such as Chrome, IE, Edge and Firefox have announced that they will no longer support the software after 2020. That means if you visit a website that requires Flash in 2020, it won’t run or function correctly.

Chrome will no longer support Flash

Adobe has been trying to get away from Flash for years and is now trying to make the internet a better place by using more advanced and faster technology. In 2020, websites will be forced to shift to faster and more secure technologies. If website owners do switch to newer technologies, you shouldn’t notice anything different.

This discontinuation is not out of the blue, however. The numbers of people who use Adobes award-winning software every day went from 80% to 8% in just four years. That’s a massive decrease.

Although it will be sad to say goodbye to Flash, we know that it is for the best. Flash has been around for many years and it is very outdated. Once the new technologies come in, the internet, in general, will become a better and faster place.

However, just because Adobe doesn’t support Flash anymore this is not goodbye. Many people have started working on tools that will allow you to still play flash games. It will be interesting to see if Adobe allows these tools to continue to be developed or if they will put an end to them.

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