Telltale Games is coming back as a new company

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It’s finally official, Telltale games have arisen from the grave and are returning in full glory as a brand new company. The game development group formally known as Telltale was shut down last year due to lack of budget and other financial issues. The company unexpectedly announced its shutting down while they were in the middle of developing The Walking Dead. Skybound games quickly bought the assets to continue and end the series. It was an emotional time for both fans and employees, and it was very sad to see Telltale go.

However, shocking news has arisen today after it was announced that Telltale will be returning as a new company which will be named LCG Entertainment. LCG has already bought the rights and assets to most of the old Telltale games such as The Wolf Among Us and Batman. The company is also looking to acquire licences for other games. Along with returning old games, LCG will also be releasing some brand new games. Information on those games will come at a later date.

The new company will be headed up by Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle. Some of the workers from Telltale will be returning as Freelancers for the moment but could be offered full-time jobs in the future.

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In an interview with Polygon, Ottilie confirmed that LCG will continue some of the stories where Telltale left off. “We’re still evaluating, but we definitely want to continue some of the stories,” were Ottilie’s exact words.

Ottilie also confirmed that the Stranger Things game and The Walking Dead game will not happen as Netflix and Skybound own the rights for both of those games.

Ottilie said that he bought the rights to Telltale because he believes in the future of adventure games. “We’re working very hard not to make similar mistakes,” Ottilie said to Polygon.

LCG Entertainment will be based in Miami. “We’re going to stay small over the next six months and we will work for more of a distributed development pipeline than Telltale was known for,” Ottilie continued. “We’ll focus on tools, technology and design in-house. Some things like animation and motion capture will be done with the right partnerships externally.”

Ottilie also told us that getting the rights for Telltale was not easy. Negotiations for this deal began over six months ago. The purchase price has not been made publically available, yet.

It ha also been publically announced that Athlon Games is part of this deal and will handle storefront operations and distribution.

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Ottilie was asked about the legacy of Telltale. He had the following to say: “They brought me some of my favourite stories to play and they did an amazing job building a company. It’s unfortunate the way that it ended. Certainly, we’re working very hard not to make similar mistakes.”

Telltale was around for almost 14 years before it shut its doors in 2018. It is well known for its popular video game The Walking Dead which released in 2012.

I personally was a huge fan of Telltale and I adored their games. I’m so happy to see some of the old games return, however, I am upset that there will be no Stranger Things game.

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