Twitch vs Mixer: Which is the best platform?

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In the gaming world, streaming is a big deal. Millions of people tune into both Twitch and Mixer every day to watch and enjoy their favourite streamers play a game or chat to their audience. For years, Twitch completly dominated the streaming market clearly being the only good option for streaming. However, this changed in 2016 when Microsoft introduced its brand new live streaming platform named Mixer. Since then, Mixer and Twitch have been directly competing against each other to be the best. So, who wins? I decided it was finally time to answer the question that everyone asks: Twitch vs Mixer. I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for both platforms to help you decide which platform you prefer.

PS4 controller Twitch vs Mixer



  • Twitch has a massive audience. I’m talking millions of visitors every single day. Between Mixer and Twitch, Twitch easily wins with the most traffic. 
  • Twitch is available on both Xbox one and PS4 while Mixer is native to Xbox one. 
  • Easy to get monetised with the affiliate program
  • Brilliant moderation tools with advanced chat logs and moderation actions. 
  • Completely free to use 
  • Has a Twitch prime option that gives you a free subscription every month and free games/DLC
  •  Can be easily linked to other social media accounts such as Discord. This is a feature that is helping Twitch win the Twitch vs Mixer war. 
  • Mixer also has squad mode, which allows users to watch four streams at once. 


  • It’s hard for smaller streamers to get discovered
  • The ads can be very annoying, especially since they aren’t skip able.  
  • The platform can sometimes be filled with sexual content, especially in the Just Chatting section. 
  • Depending on platform and internet connection, the latency can be rather long 
  • Streams can be hard to setup if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge 
  • Inconsistent application of their rules
  • Vague terms and conditions 
  • Hardly ever add new features



  • Excellent features to interact with your chat such as polls, buttons, gifts and more 
  • Modern and clean design 
  • Less than a second latency on Mixer
  • Viewers earn sparks by watching and chatting which can be redeemed for gifts/stickers. 
  • Interactive levelling system on each channel 
  • Mixer also has co-streaming, which is Mixers version of Squad Streaming 
  • Xbox Game pass referral program 
  • Very friendly and fast support system 
  • Mixer has better stream moderation and safety features than Twitch 
  • Handy mobile app called Mixer Create that allows creators to easily create content on the go. 
  • Allows insane bit-rates up to 12,000 for beautiful looking streams 
  • Very welcoming community 


  • Not as big of an audience as Twitch 
  • Console app not available on PS4
  • Slightly harder to get monetised 
  • Less detailed analytics for streamers 
  • Clips are still in beta and can sometimes be buggy 

So, who wins? Twitch vs Mixer?

Right now, the war between Twitch and Mixer is very close. However, I would go with Mixer if you are beginning streaming. If you are a viewer, why not use both?

I hope you can now make an informed decision on which platform you would prefer to use in the future. 


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