Xbox Scarlett: Everything we know so far

Xbox Project Scarlett

After nearly six years of waiting, we finally received more information on the brand new Xbox One console named the Xbox Scarlett that is due to hit the shelves in the holiday season in 2020 along with Halo Infinite. If you haven’t heard all of the confirmed details for the Xbox Scarlett, I’ve compiled a list of them for you along with FAQ.

Xbox Scarlett
This image is NOT the confirmed design, just a render

When is Xbox Scarlett releasing?

Microsoft hasn’t given us an exact release date yet. However, they have told us that the new Xbox should be expected to hit shelves around the holiday season next year.

What are the Xbox Scarlett Specs?

Right now, we know very little about the Xbox Scarlets specs. In fact, Microsoft has been rather quiet about this topic, unlike Sony. However, we do know that the Xbox Scarlet will include …

  • A custom-built AMD’s ZEN 2 CPU and the Navi GPU architectures.
  • DDR6 RAM.
  • An SSD as standard.
  • Will have a physical disk drive.

How will the Xbox Scarlett perform?

Obviously, we haven’t tested the brand new Xbox yet. However, Microsoft has told us at their E3 briefing that Xbox Project Scarlett will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X. You will be able to run games at 120 frames per second, with potential to reach 8k resolutions. Real-time ray tracing technology will also be included. This thing sounds powerful!

Will my old games and accessories work with the new Xbox?

Yes, they will. Xbox Scarlett Is Backwards Compatible With Every Previous Xbox meaning you can play any Xbox game on the new Xbox, even Xbox games from the original console. Microsoft has also confirmed that all your Xbox One accessories will work with the next-generation console, this includes controllers, headsets and any other accessories you might own.

Xbox Two design
Another possible Xbox design

How much will this console cost?

This is an interesting topic. The straight answer is, we aren’t sure. Many experts have tried to estimate the price but really, the price is unpredictable. However, we do expect it to be close to $500-$600.

I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly excited for the new Xbox. 120 FPS, 8K resolution with Ray Tracing technology? Yes, please.

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