Hunters Arena is an RPGMMO styled battle royale

Hunters Arena: Legends is a brand new RPGMMO styled Battle Royale game that is currently being developed by Mantisco. The game features many unique combat mechanics along with a massive map. Unlike every other battle royale, this one is different. It is completely unique and doesn’t look like any other battle royale I have ever witnessed. When I discovered this game, I instantly knew I would adore to play it. Hunters Arena is set to release later this year but we already know a lot about the game. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of everything we know about Hunters Arena so far.

Hunters Arena Combat

Unlike most other battle royales, Hunters Arena doesn’t focus on long-range weapons. Instead, it mainly focuses on close-quarters combat using melee weapons. Fighting in this game takes a lot of skill, and isn’t straightforward. In other battle royale games, fights can be over in half a second if you get one-shotted. This will never be seen in Hunters Arena. Fights take much longer and you need to have a good strategy to win fights.

As mentioned above, Hunters Arena is very similar to an RPGMMO. As you progress through a single match, you can level up your character which will unlock exclusive powerups which will make your character more powerful. Although levelling up is useful, it won’t be totally overpowered.

In Hunters Arena, you aren’t just fighting against other players. There is also a PVE aspect included in the game. You can fight monsters using your melee weapons. As you fight monsters, you will level up and gain money. Over 10,000 monsters will spawn in the one game. Monsters will also be more aggressive at night time, but calm in the day time.

Once you have killed a decent amount of Monsters, you can then spend the money that you earned at a shop, which are situated around the map. At these shops, you can buy weapons, horses, armour or grenades.

Hunters Areana Photo

With Hunters Arena, the map is one of the biggest we have ever seen in a battle royale. Since the map is so big, you have two methods of getting around. You can glide, or you can use a horse. As mentioned above, you can buy horses at the shops or you can tame one from the wild. We aren’t sure about the glider mechanics, yet. The map features many different biomes and is 2 square kilometres big.

On the character side of things, there will be 10 characters and 20 bosses available on launch.

We aren’t really sure how the graphics look yet, but judging by the trailer and the fact that it was developed in Unreal Engine 4, we are guessing they will be incredible.

Hunters Arena Weapon

On release, solos and trios will be available. The game will also have a competitive ranked mode, which is fabulous.

We also aren’t sure of the pricing for this game yet, but I’m hoping it will be free to play with microtransactions.

I’m so hyped for this game. I’m hoping to get access to some beta gameplay so I can test it out for myself. Once this game is released, expect a detailed review.

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