Who are the most popular Twitch streamers in 2019?

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As we all know, the gaming industry is massive. Every year, it earns hundreds of billions of dollars and is continuing to grow at a steady rate. Since the industry is so big, it has earned people such as Shroud and Ninja millions of dollars by simply streaming their gameplay on gaming platforms such as Twitch and Mixer. There are now more Twitch streamers and viewers than ever, with more than 3.1 MILLION unique broadcasters monthly and millions of more viewers. But, who are the most popular Twitch streamers in 2019? With recent changes such as Ninja leaving the platform, this has changed quite a bit. Below you will find a list of the top 5 content creators on Twitch in 2019 organised by hours watched and followers count.

Please note, we have excluded Ninja and other organisations such as Fortnite and Riot Games. This is a list of individuals who still actively stream on Twitch. These numbers are correct as of 01/09/2019

Tfue while streaming on Twitch

Top Twitch streamers by follower counts

Top streamers organised by follower count on their channel.

Twitch StreamerFollower Count
1Tfue6.93 Million
2Shroud6.91 Million
3Myth5.35 Million
4Dakotaz4.05 Million
5Timthetatman4.00 Million
6Summit1G3.96 Million
7TSM_Daequan 3.67 Million
8Drdisrespect 3.65 Million
9Drlupo3.56 Million
10Pokimane 3.33 Million

Top streamers by total views

Top streamers sorted by total views on their channel. Total views are the total amount of views on the channel.

Twitch StreamerHours Watched
1ShadbaseMurderTV719 Million
2Shroud350 Million
3imaqtpie320 Million
4fextralife314 Million
5LIRIK309 Million
6Summit1g305 Million
7sodapoppin292 Million
9nl_Kripp226 Million
10Dyrus220 Million

Additional stats can be found by clicking here

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