LIVE: Apple Event Real-Time Updates

Today, September 10th, Apple is holding its annual Apple event. Every year around September, Apple takes to the stage in front of thousands of people and unveils some brand new Apple products. During the September event, we usually see some new iPhones and/or Apple watches being revealed, but we could possibly see other products or software being announced. The Apple Event is a huge deal for both Apple fans and the media, so we are bringing you LIVE coverage from the event with real-time updates.

What are real-time updates?

Every time something is announced or something funny happens, we will let you know via real-time text updates. For example, if they announce a new iPhone, we will let you know right here the second it is announced.

Video Live Stream:

(refresh for the latest updates)

  • 17:50: The Livestream for the event has started. The event is due to commence in 11 minutes.
  • 18:01: The cinematic trailer has started featuring many Apple products.
  • 18:02: Tim Cooke has kicked off the event with a welcoming speech. “At Apple, we put the customers at the centre of everything we do. We have a truly big morning planned for you, with some massive announcements.”
  • 18:03: Ann will now be telling us about Apple Arcade. The first mobile gaming subscription service. New games will be added every month. You can access Apple Arcade through the Arcade tab in the App Store.
  • 18:05: Konami will be coming to the Apple Arcade. It will be an Apple Arcade exclusive.
  • 18:07: Capcom is now announcing their brand new game. Once again, their game will be an Apple Arcade exclusive.
  • 18:10: Annapurna is now announcing its brand new game.
  • 18:12: Apple Arcade will be available on September 19th. It will cost $4.99 a month for the WHOLE FAMILY! The first month is free.
  • 18:15: Tim is now giving us more information on Apple TV+.
  • 18:15: The world premiere for SEE is now being shown. It is an Apple Original.
  • 18:18: Apple TV+ will be available on November 1st. The subscription will cost just $4.99 a month, once again, for the whole family. Apple TV+ will be available in over 150 countries. The amazing this is, if you buy an iPhone or Ipad, you will get one year of Apple TV + FOR FREE!
  • 18:20: It is iPad time!
  • 18:22: The new 7th generation 10.2 inch iPad will be replacing the 6th generation 9.2 inch iPad. The new iPad will have the A10 chip. This 7th generation iPad looks like a decent upgrade over the 6th generation. The iPad is also made from 100% recycled aluminium, which is amazing! It will cost just $329 dollars. For students, it will cost $299. You can preorder this iPad today and it will ship at the end of the month.
  • 18:28: An emotional video is being shown about how the Apple Watch has saved peoples lives.
  • 10:34: Apple has just announced three health studies that they will be researching and funding. These include the Apple hearing study, Apple Women’s health study and the Apple Heart & Movement study.
  • 18:37: the Apple Watch Series 5 is here. It will feature an always-on display with 18-hour battery life. It will also have a built-in compass. Thanks, Apple??? Every cellar Apple Watch will now have an international emergency calling feature built-in, even if you don’t have your iPhone with you. The Apple Watch is also now built from 100% aluminium. Series 5 will come in gold, space black, titanium and polished. The Series 5 GPS will start at $399. The cellar model will cost $499. You can preorder today, after the show.
  • 18:44: The series 3 will now be $199.
  • 18:47: It is iPhone time! Finally!
  • 18:48: The brand new iPhone will be called the iPhone 11.
  • 18:50: The design is incredible. It comes in over 6 different colours. It has a 6.1″ Liquid Retina Display.
  • 18:51: The camera is even better with the iPhone 11. It comes with a dual-camera. One is a wide camera, one is an ultra-wide camera. Night mode will now come on automatically. The iPhone 11 has the best video camera in any smartphone EVER! Slow-motion is now available on the front camera as well.
  • 18:59: The A13 Bionic processor has finally arrived. It is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone. The A13 Bionic is also the fastest GPU ever in a smartphone. This is great news for mobile gaming.
  • 19:04: The iPhone battery will have an extra hour in battery life over the iPhone XR.
  • 19:07: The iPhone 11 will cost just $699!
  • 19:10: Another new iPhone is currently being announced. It is called the iPhone 11 Pro. The A13 is capable of 1 trillion operations a second!
  • 19:17: The iPhone 11 Pro offers you 4 extra hours of battery a day! The iPhone 11 Pro Max offers you 5 hours extra!

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