Epic Games are adding bots to Fortnite

Epic Games have made a shocking and unexpected announcement today. In a blog post, the video game development company announced that they will be adding AI Bots into their popular Battle Royale named Fortnite to help newer players learn how to play the game.

Fortnite Bots

In their blog post, Epic Games also announced that they will be making further changes to the public matchmaking system, for the first time in two years. They told their players than in v10.40, they will be improving matchmaking logic in all core modes to create fairer matches. This means that you will be matched with players of similar skill level, making it easier for newer players to learn the game. Epic has told us that this is just a test, and they will take our feedback into account.

Starting next season, bots will start appearing in Fortnite. They will behave similarly to a normal player and will help provide a better path for newer players to grow in skill. The more you play and improve, the fewer bots you will see. Epic has confirmed that Bots will not be present in competitive modes.

These changes are interesting. No doubt, it will become harder for professional Fortnite players to grind as they will constantly be met with sweaty players. However, life for newer Fortnite players will become much easier.

So far, the reactions are mixed. Some seem happy with the changes, while others seem upset and confused.

You can read the full blog post by clicking here.


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