Twitch finally gets a brand new design on Mobile and desktop

A brand new design has just been released worldwide for mobile and desktop users of the popular streaming service named Twitch. The design, which has taken months to prepare, features a more modern look and feel with updated features, fonts, and colours.

Desktop version for Twitch

Although the desktop version looks similar to the old version, the Twitch mobile app has been completely upgraded. It is no secret that the old Twitch Mobile app is plain and boring and honestly, outdated. I’m so happy to see Twitch adapt a brand new design that doesn’t look like it was built in 2012.

Twitch mobile version for IOS

Along with a new design, Twitch has also done some rebranding. The new logo features a new shade of purple, blocky letterforms and a retro gaming aesthetic.

The new Twitch logo

Surprisingly, Twitch has also updated its Glitch logo. However, they barely changed the logo as Twitch felt it was too important. They made the very valid point that people have Glitch merch and tattoos. It is too important to replace. So, instead of replacing the Glitch logo, they updated it with the blocky letterforms.

Glitch Logo

As you can see from the above pictures, Twitch has decided to change the branding colour of the platform. However, Twitch has not and never will move away from the purple branding. Instead, the platform is just updating its brand to a more ‘modern’ shade of purple.

As for emotes, everything is untouched. Every single one of the Twitch emotes will remain as it’s full glory. Twitch has also said they will be putting emotes into the world off Twitch more often.

Right now, the user reaction to the new design is unclear. Some are loving the new design, while others hate it. It will be interesting to see how people react over the coming days.

You can access the new design right now by updating the app or opening the website. If you would like to read the Twitch blog post, you can do so by clicking here.

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