Five times Fortnite messed up badly

Although Epic is probably one of the best game developers in the world because of their hard work and dedication, they have messed up on many occasions. In fact, in two years, Fortnite has messed up more than most other game developers. After thinking about this for a while, I decided to combine a list of the top five times Fortnite messed up badly.

The Infinity Sword

Ah, the Infinity Sword. Every Fortnite player’s worse nightmare. We all remember that horrific day that the Sword was patched into the game. We all instantly knew it was a mistake. The Sword was ridiculously overpowered. The sword almost instantly destroyed structures and dealt a ton of damage to enemies. While holding the sword, you could also leap into the air. Not to mention, you had 200 HP, while your opponents had 100. Epic removed the Sword after seeing the entire community so upset.

Fortnite messed up

Jiggly boob physics

Back in season six, the Calamity skin went viral and for all the wrong reasons. Due to a programming glitch, using the Jubilation emote with the Calamity skin caused her boobs to jiggle. Epic immediately apologised for this and the development company said it was an ’embarrassing and unintended’ mistake. They patched the bug pretty quickly but not before thousands of 12-year-olds saw it.

Mass bannings

Back in November, thousands of Fortnite players were banned from the service after being falsely reported by another player. It came to light that after just a single report, some players were being instantly banned. After this banning method was exposed online, Epic immediately changed their banning methods and unbanned most of the people who were wrongfully banned. They also compensated them with 2,000 V-Bucks.

The release of the Mech

This season, Fortnite released their brand new robot styled machine gun that can fly, shoot and stomp. The best part is, there are a ton of them on the map. Totally not OP at all. The mechs have been driving players crazy. I’ve honestly never seen so many people complain about one item in a single game before. Although the Mech has been nerfed multiple times, players are still asking Epic to remove it. In fact, #removethemech went trending on Twitter on multiple occasions.

Save The World storage glitch

Fans of the Save The World mode in Fortnite went crazy during the FROSTNITE event in 2018 after their storage units were completely wiped due to a glitch. All of their hard work and process was gone in an instant. It took Epic multiple days to fix the error but eventually, all was restored as normal.

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