Creator Spotlight: TK_Flow

In just under a year, Tyler has built up a mega fan base consisting of over 5,500 followers and hundreds of subscribers. Every day, Tyler continues to dominate in the gaming world as he grinds for his ultimate goal of Twitch Partnership. With a loving and welcoming community, Tyler has a truly positive and enjoyable stream that all ages can enjoy. Tyler streams almost every single day and in total has spent 1,185 hours streaming! He is currently in the top 1% of streamers and averages in or around 20 viewers.

Who is Tyler?

Tyler is a 14-year-old steamer from Illinois in America. He was born on April 2nd, 2005 and is a member of the Fish Fam streaming team. Currently, he is not on an organisation but he is interested in joining an org in the future. Flow is a 9th grader and attends online school so he can focus on streaming and building his community. Tyler is most known by his username TK_Flow.

Tylers Twitch Emotes

Where can I follow Tyler?

You can follow Tyler on the following platforms:





Epic support a creator: “TKFLOW”

Interview with TK_Flow

What made you want to start streaming?

The reason I started streaming was that I’ve always loved playing video games and interacting with others online so I thought steaming would be a perfect fit for me. So when I turned 13 I got my first pc (laptop) and I started streaming. 

Have you got any goals you want to gain? What are they?

Currently, my goals are to gain partnership on Twitch, get 10,000 followers, and upload consistently on my YouTube channel.

What is your favourite game to play right now?

My favourite game to play right now would be Fortnite. Many people play Fortnite that it allows me to interact and connect with a chat about the game. 

Do you think you will ever broadcast on another site such as Mixer or Youtube?

Most likely I will never be switching to the platform Mixer. I have gained a decently sized and great community on Twitch so therefor I will most likely not be switching to Mixer. 

Have you ever come close to giving up on Twitch?

I have never come close to giving up on twitch. I have taken week-long breaks though. 

Do you see Twitch as a sustainable career or would you rather a ‘normal’ job?

I can see it as a sustainable career path and i would love to have the ability to stay on Twitch as a job. But I can see myself in the near future getting a normal job. 

How many hours would you spend streaming in a week?

Every week I stream on Twitch for roughly 20-30 hours. 

Are your parents okay with you streaming? How did they react at first?

At first, my parents weren’t the most supportive of it but now since I’ve grown a bit more on twitch I feel like they’ve given me more support with it.

Would you like to join a clan/org in the future? Any org in mind?

Yes, I would love to join an organization in the near future. I’ve been interested and grinding for an organization for about a year now and I will always be open to joining an organization. The organization I’m currently grinding for is Hype Unit. #BringTheHype

Do you currently have a Twitch role model?

No, I do not currently have a Twitch role model.

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