Sony has finally opened up Cross-play for all PS4 developers

PS4 Crossplay

Honestly, I never thought I’d be writing this article. Sony has finally taken down that horrible wall that has been separating Xbox and PS4 players for years. After a beta program that seemed to be lasting forever, PS4 Cross-play has left beta mode and is now available for all PS4 developers to enjoy.

If you don’t know what cross-platform is, it is in the name. Cross-platform games allow gamers to play with their friends on a different console. For an example, I could play with my friend on PS4 if I own an Xbox, but only if the game supports cross-platform.

Although this news is great, it does not mean that every PS4 and Xbox One game will include cross platform. It simply relies on each individual developer to decide if they would like cross-play in their game or not. However, we can presume that many developers will embrace this new technology with wide open arms, especially since developers know how well cross platform games sell.

To be truthful, we owe much of this news to Epic Games. If we are being realistic, cross-platform more than likely wouldn’t be a thing if Fortnite didn’t exist. It was because of the annoying Fortnite players and the astonishing Fortnite revenue that forced Sony to embrace this technology. Before Fortnite, Sony were stubborn and wouldn’t allow it.

With the cross-platform program coming out of beta, we can expect much more socializing being done inside video games since gamers can now play with their friends on different consoles.

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