Creator Spotlight: Hype Abby

Since beginning streaming last year, Abby has been consistently streaming almost every single day and has built up a mega fan base consisting of over 2,200 people on Twitch and over 6,300 people on Twitter. Abby has self built a career for herself as a social media influence and continues to grind towards Twitch Partnership. Out of the literally millions on Twitch, Abby is in the top 2% of streamers at an impressive rank of 35,951. After we found Abby while she was streaming on Twitch, we instantly knew she was a perfect fit for Creator Spotlight. For that reason, we brought her on! Below you will find the detailed interview that we performed with her along with some further information about Abby.

Who is Abby?

Abby is a 19 year old Twitch Streamer from Washington state. Although she is a social media influencer, she is also a full time college student studying Leadership and Management. Abby is a variety streamer, meaning she doesn’t just play one game all the time. She mainly plays Sea of Thieves, Fortnite and Minecraft. On April 1nd, Abby was signed to Hype Unit as a streamer/content creator.

What is Hype Unit?

Hype Unit is a massive gaming organisation consisting of dozens of professional gamers and content creators. The organisation has thousands of followers and only accepts high quality content creators and pros. As mentioned above, Abby was signed to Hype Unit on April 2nd. You can find more information about Hype Unit by clicking here or you can follow them on Twitter by clicking here.

Where can I follow Abby?


Twitter: @Okayabs

Instagram: @okayabs


Fortnite SAC: ‘Angel’

Interview with Abby

When and why did you start streaming?

I started streaming in August of last year (2018). I started streaming simply because my friends recommended it to me.

What is your favorite thing about streaming on Twitch?

My favorite thing about streaming is easily the friends I’ve made and the community that has grown around me. I have met some of the best people in my life from streaming and I am forever grateful.

Have you got any goals in relation to streaming? What are they?

Partnership is a basic goal for everyone but that would mean a lot for me. I’ve worked hard and although I do need to work harder, that is something I would love to achieve. Besides that though, I would love to make an impact on a larger group of people. I know I do here and there but I want to expand my positivity to many more people. Even though that will take some time.

Would you like to take a career path in streaming or would you rather a “normal” job?

A career path in streaming is a goal of mine as well. I am very passionate about this and it matters a lot to me.

Has Twitch changed your life in any way?

Yes, I’ve made many friends and I have learned so much about so many things. Plus, it has given me a passion to peruse and life which I believe is important to everyone. We all need something that drives us and motivates us to wake up every day, do better, and be a better person.

When did you join Hype Unit? How does it feel being in such a big organisation? 

I joined Hype Unit on April 1st. I know, it’s April Fools. I was recruited as a surprise on my stream! It was an amazing experience. I’ve never really looked at Hype as a “big organization”. I’ve always viewed it as a tight knit group of people that love and support each other. It’s truly my second family and I love all my teammates so much.

Do internet trolls affect you in any way? How do you deal with them?

They did at the start for sure. As humans, we aren’t born to deal with hate, discrimination, insults or whatever it may be. It’s a learning process. Before it did effect me, I would get upset and question whatever they are speaking on. Now I have come to realize that a random persons opinion on you without them knowing you is so false in so many ways. It’s all a game for attention and a reaction, which is why I handle them in a different way. Normal people just ban trolls. I specifically tell my mods to not ban trolls unless they are obviously saying things that are against TOS or just awful. Instead, I deal with trolls personally. Being a woman, I get so many trolls and you can imagine the types of things that are said. You have to agree with the and go for it. For example, “get back in the kitchen”. My response would be around the lines of “oh yeah I was just in there, I decided to do something insane and leave. Isn’t that crazy? I’m a rebel. I’ll go back soon though don’t worry”. And then they shut up and either apologize, be silent, or laugh and follow me. Either way it makes it stop and now my mods don’t have to ban 3 accounts from the same person.

Favorite social media other than Twitch?

Twitter. I tweet way too much. I tweet weird things, motivational things, updates, team stuff, i’m all over the place and I think I have an addiction.

Have you got any anything outside of streaming you want to achieve?

I want to graduate college (which should be sometime next year I think) and as my life goes on I want to marry and have a family.

Would you consider yourself technically gifted? (good with technology) 

No, I’ve learned everything I know. And if I don’t know stuff I have friends help me. But I am internet/social media savvy i’d say.

Do you ever see yourself moving from Twitch to an alternative streaming platform such as Mixer or Youtube?

No, I like Twitch. I know there are some issues with it at the moment but no one is perfect and things can be changed. I do use YouTube to upload highlight videos though and I want to utilize that more to create more videos and more types of videos.

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