The world’s rarest console is going up for sale after being found in a junk box.

Back in the day, Sega was the only real competition that Nintendo faced. When rumors started spreading that Sega was working on a CD-ROM expansion, Nintendo wanted to be one step ahead. For that reason, they teamed up with Sony to build what was know as the Nintendo PlayStation. However, Nintendo then ditched Sony for Philips, Sony’s rival at the time. During the short time that Nintendo and Sony worked together, they produced two hundred prototypes of the Nintendo PlayStation. One of those two hundred prototypes is now on sale.

Terry Diebold, the owner of the console, first revealed that he had found the console in a box of junk. When people heard his story, they automatically presumed he was lying and it was a fake. However, now it seems to be accepted as real.

Right now, the price is not known as it is almost priceless. What is for sure, the product will go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the future, this prototype could be worth millions.

The record for the most expensive hardware sale ever is currently held by an NES title Stadium Events, which was listed on eBay for a near $100,099.99. Experts have warned that the Nintendo PlayStation has the potential to break that record.

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