Call of Duty: Mobile breaks records with 100 million downloads in one week

Call Of Duty: Mobile has surpassed over 100 millions active downloads on IOS and Android in just one week, overtaking all of the big names such as Mario Kart Tour, Pokemon Go and Fortnite and making it the biggest mobile game launch in History.

In fact, Call of Duty is miles ahead compared to the other biggest games in the industry. In Fortnite’s first week on mobile, it only received about 26 million downloads, while Mario Kart Tour received 90 million downloads in the first week. At least you tried Nintendo.

The brand new shooter is a free version of the popular console game also named Call of Duty. After the creators of Call of Duty seen how powerful the mobile market is, they decided to get in on some of the action.

Although the game is free, it is still extremely content filled. There are tons of maps and game modes that you can enjoy along with ranked and private games. Some of the most popular Call of Duty maps such as Standoff and Crash are even included in the mobile version.

If you have never tried Call of Duty before and you are thinking of doing so, now would be a great time. You can try the free version on your phone before purchasing the premium version on your Console or PC.

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