Microsoft adds extra parental options for Xbox/Windows

Today Microsoft has announced their plans to roll out additional parental options for their family settings range on Windows 10 and Xbox One to help better protect children online. After getting feedback from many parents around the world, Microsoft has done a great job at updating and improving their parental controls.

The new parental controls will begin to roll out sometime during October and will be available free of charge to all Xbox One and Windows 10 owners. Before today, it was already possible for parents to restrict how long and when kids play games across consoles and Windows 10. Now, Microsoft is adding much more advanced features to Family Settings. Below you can find some of the new features that Microsoft is adding.

  • The ability to control how children interact with individual games and apps such as Fortnite or Netflix.
  • The ability to control who the children can connect and chat with, and how they engage with them
  • The ability to set up alerts for when a child makes a purchase
  • The ability to control how children use their phones
  • A weekly activity report sent to both the parent and child

Like the previous version of Family Settings, you have full control over your child’s screen time. As Mouna Sidi Hida said, no one knows your child better than you. If your child runs out of time, they can request more time from you.

You can read the official Xbox Wire blog post by clicking here.

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