Sony have confirmed that the PS5 is real and it’s coming next year.

After months of waiting while listening to rumours, Sony has finally confirmed that the next generation console will indeed be called the PlayStation Five.

Along with the confirmation of the name, fans have also been delighted to hear the news that the console will launch during the holiday of 2020, along with the Xbox Scarlett. Although we have a rough time frame, we dont have an exact release date yet.

Sony has also confirmed that there will be several changes to the PS5 controller, including adaptive triggers in the R2 and L2 triggers. According to Sony, the new adaptive controller will allow you to ‘feel the pressure’ as you push the trigger. The PS5 controller will also finally be making the change to USB-C. About time, right?

As revealed by Sony earlier this year, the PS5 will include a lightning fast 8 core AMD CPU, a custom AMD GPU, an ultra fast SSD, Support for 8k gaming and possible 120 frames per second.

An article with the full PS5 rumours and leaks will be coming soon.

Written by Ríona and Josh.

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