Creator Spotlight: Sortiez

Over the past three weeks, every Saturday we have been bringing on a smallish content creator onto spotlight to help promote their streams and social media. This week, it is no different. Today, we will be interviewing and talking about the popular content creator who goes by the username Sortiez.

Who is Sortiez?

Ethan, who goes by the online username of Sortiez, is a 14 year old content creator and full time student from Illinois, in the USA. Sortiez mainly streams on Twitch, but he also occasionally uploads on Youtube. Ethan usually streams Fortnite, but he can sometimes dive into other games such as Minecraft. On December 7th of last year, Ethan earned his spot on the popular E-Sports team named Hype Unit.

What is Hype Unit?

Hype Unit is a massive gaming organisation consisting of dozens of professional gamers and content creators. The organisation has thousands of followers and only accepts high quality content creators and pros. You can find more information about Hype Unit by clicking here or you can follow them on Twitter by clicking here.

Any interesting facts?

In total, Sortiez has streamed for over 2,000 hours. That’s approximately 83 days! That is nothing compared to the 58,000 hours that his viewers have spent watching him. Ethan created his Twitch account 421 days ago and currently has 7,500 followers. His highest concurrent viewer count is 212 and he is in the top 0.93% of Twitch at rank 27,408. His average stream time is 4.8 hours and he usually starts streaming about 8pm.

Where can I follow Sortiez?


Twitter: @Sortiezz

Instagram:  @sortiezz

Fortnite SAC: ‘Sortiez’

Interview with Sortiez:

What made you want to start streaming?

I was already daily uploading to YouTube for a year before I started streaming (not gaming videos), so when I found out about fortnite and Twitch I wanted to start streaming because my YouTube wasn’t really going anywhere, so I saved up for my first pc and started streaming.

What is your favourite thing about streaming on Twitch?

Being able to meet so many different people has to be my favorite thing, I’ve met some of my closest friends through streaming which is literally insane to think about.

Have you got any goals you wish to accomplish?

My main goal right now would be working my way to Twitch partnership

What do you do outside of streaming?

Outside of streaming all I do is spend time with my family, besides that, I just do my school work and work on behind the scenes stuff for my stream.

Before Fortnite, did you play any video games?

Yes I did, I’ve been playing Call of Duty since I was a very little kid so that’s pretty much all I’ve played my whole life (besides Fortnite, of course).

Do you see Twitch as a career path or a hobby?

I see it as a hobby as of right now, but the goal is to make it a career path in the future.

Do you enjoy school? What would you like to do once you leave school?

I do enjoy school, but I have no idea what I want to do after. Probably something to do with computer science.

Do you think you will ever switch to Mixer? Are you happy with Twitch?

I don’t think I’ll ever change platforms because I’ve already built a community on Twitch, and I think changing streaming platforms would ruin it, but yes I am happy with Twitch and I’m excited to see what the future holds for it.

Can you tell us a bit about Hype Unit?:

Hype unit is an esports and entertainment organization, it’s literally like a second family. #BringTheHype

How is Emma?!

Who? Kappa

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