Fortnite Season 11: Everything we know so far.

Ahead of the release of Fortnite Season 11 later today, a lot of information about the new season has been leaked. In fact, much more has been leaked this season than any season ever before. For that reason, we decided to combine a list of everything that we know about Fortnite Season 11 so far.

Please remember that all of the following are just leaks and rumors. They may or may not actually happen. We will have to wait and see.

The Event

We know that a rocket event of some kind will take place at Dusty Depot today because of the timer above the rocket. We aren’t exactly sure what the event will be, but we know it will be a live event, just like the original rocket event in season 5. The times of the event can be found below:

USA: 11 AM (PST) 2PM (EST)

UK/Ireland: 7 PM

Germany: 8 PM

Australia: 5 AM

Fortnite 2/new map

On Friday, Apple messed up after they accidentally leaked promo images for the next season of Fortnite. Inside the promo images that appeared on the Italian App Store, we can clearly see a brand new map along with some promo text that says ‘Fortnite 2’.

This almost confirms that a new map is on it’s way, but once again, we can’t be sure.

Season 11 locations:

Last night, a creditable Fortnite leaker who goes by the Twitter username of Lucas7yoshi, has claimed that he discovered a file with the names of every single location for Fortnite 2. Here are the names that he discovered:

  • Beachy Blufs
  • Camp Cod
  • Creative Island
  • Dirty Docks
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Holly Hedges
  • Lazy Lake
  • Mountain Meadow
  • Power Plant
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Sunny Shores
  • Weeping Woods
  • Mountain Meadow

Lucas thinks there is an 80% chance that these are the real names of the locations.

Halloween Skins:

During Fortnite season 11, we will see many different Halloween skins appear in the game. The names of these skins have been found in the game files by data miners. It has also been confirmed that Fortnitemares will be returning this year.

The following Halloween skins will be making an appearance this year:

  • “Skull Trooper Neon” – Male
  • “Gangster Monster” – Male
  • “Ghoul Trooper”- Male
  • “Cuddle Team Dark” – Female
  • “The Dark One” – Male
  • “Slurp Creature” – Male
  • “Wraith” – Female
  • “Pale spooky” – Female
  • “Modern Witch” – Female

Leaving Beta

There are many rumors going around right now that Fortnite might be leaving beta with the release of the next season. However, we can’t be sure of this.

Fortnite Trailer/ New Map:

The full trailer has been leaked. See below:

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