Twitch and Mixer are both down because of the Fortnite Event

The internet is currently blowing up with over 6 million people watching the Fortnite Rocket Live Event across Twitch, Mixer and YouTube causing both Twitch and Mixer to crash with Twitter and Discord also having problems. Of course, the Fortnite servers are all in runes as well.

It all started at 7 PM when the event started. Twitch almost immediately crashed with Mixer and Twitter slowly following behind it. Around 7:20, Discord started having a few minor issues.

The amount of viewers and hype that is being spread across all social media right now is insane. Tfue had over 300,000 viewers before Twitch crashed. Fortnite even caused Treyex to go offline temporarily! Youtube hasn’t had any problems yet.

Right now, we are waiting for Fortnite to hopefully come back online. Updates will follow.

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