Legend of Mushroom Family Guide – Shop, Brawl, Blazing Cave

Hi guys, welcome to our Legend of Mushroom Family Guide, In this article we will talk about Why you should Join a Family in Legend of Mushroom as soon as possible. Family is considered a group consisting of a different classes. It’s a home for casual/competitive male players. So joining a family is a must especially if you are a newbie in the game.

You can create or join a Family in [Family Hall] and earn Family EXP, Family Contribution and Speedup Coupons by donating to your Family Family EXP can be used to level up your Family and unlock modes and contents. Family Contribution can be used to exchange for items. Also Read:  Legend of Mushroom Marriage Guide

Legend of Mushroom Family Guide – Shop, Brawl

Family Shop

Legend of Mushroom Family Shop

Family Shop provides a wide range of items. Here, you can use Family Contribution earned via donation to exchange for Magic Lamps, Speedup Coupons, Gold, Draw Tickets, Advanced Seeds, Bombs, Challenge Tickets and other items.

Each item has a daily exchange limit. As your Family levels up, you can use more Family Contribution to exchagne for more items daily.


Donation can be acquired free every reset and it consists of a lot of gifts from the family hall. So you better check it out daily

Family Help

Family Help is where you can ask your family members to help you in terms of upgrading the lamp or doing some research in the tech, you can also help them by Clicking the Family Help.

Blazing Cave

Blazing Cave

Single-Player PVE – Use challenge attempts to conquer the Lava Behemoth for rewards such as Family Contribution, Diamonds, pals and skills. The boss level and rewards increase with your total damage dealt. You regain 1 challenge attempt every 8 hours, so don’t forget to use them every day! More

Family Treasure Hunt

This event consists of a lot of gold and in-game perks that you can get by just entering the family hall. Make sure you are online when this event starts.

Trivia Quiz

This event is more on Quiz Bee (Randomize Question that will occur after the Family Treasure Hunt. You can get a lot of rewards here so better join this also.

Grumpy Bighead

Legend of Mushroom Grumpy Bighead

Team PVE – The dungeon unlocks twice a day during fixed time slots. You need to sign up before registration closes. After the raid starts, you will team up with other Family members that have signed up to fight the boss and win rewards.

You can also plan ahead with other Family members and choose your skills and pals before the event to deal higher damage in the dungeor More

This event is new to the game I will update this when I try it later on. Thank you

Family Brawl

Legend of Mushroom Family Brawl

Multi-Player PVP – Team up with Family members to challenge other Families in three lanes and claim rewards every week! Sign-up opens every Monday. Battles commence every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening.

Don’t forget to discuss with Family members and adjust the lineup for the three lanes in advance. Your team will claim the final victory if it wins in two lanes!

That’s all folks. I hope I give you some insights regarding “FAMILY” and becoming a member of a Family.

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