Legend of Mushroom Mage Build – Skills, Relic, Pal & Mounts

If you’re a Mage in Legend of Mushroom and you want to know if your Legend of Mushroom Mage Build is good? You may consider using the tips below, that is very easy to understand.

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In this Legend of Mushroom Mage Build guide, We will show you the Best Skills, Pals, relics, and mount for the Legend of Mushroom Mage Darklork and Prophet.

Legend of Mushroom Mage Build – Skills, Relic, Pal & Mounts

Best Pals for Mage Darklord


You can use your diamonds in 1st day in buying gold from the shop and using your Speed Coupon until Level 9 or 10 Lamp.

Legend of Mushroom Mage Build

On day 1, you should be in Lamp 10 or 11, good if you are above. And you’ll be pulling red gears before day 2.

You don’t need to mind the secondary equipment stats like regeneration, skill crit, or Eva. You have to make sure that you get the upper colors with high stats.

But in the long run, Skill Crit and Stun/Eva are a must for mages. Pulling this is also random.

If your lamp has a chance to get the red gears, make sure to set the gear pull option to Epic above.

And it’s better if you have at least 300+ to 500+ lamps.

If your lamps have a higher chance of getting the red gears, and you already have all the orange/epic gears (any level), set the gear pull option to Red above.

If your lamp is level 18 or 19, you can set it up to Pink Above.

It’s better to have a reserve of 800 to 1000 lamps before pulling. This is still random, and you can still pull even if you only have 300+ lamps.

In Level 91+, you should at least have all pink gears now.


Spell Caster Path by priority at the top

  • Skill Crit
  • Evasion
  • Stun
  • Crit Rate

Healer Path by priority at the top

  • Stun
  • Evasion
  • Skill Crit
  • Regeneration


We have a lot of choices in Pals but you need to have the correct pals with you. Never use the Quick Equip button.

Pull Pals until you have a chance to get the red pals, this will also be in line with the offline rewards.

Pal Rush events

Level 10 will be enough until the Pal Rush events come.

Be mindful of using all your Pal tickets, as there will be a Pal Rush on Day 16 to 17.

Main Pals should be:


CATS – Can deal extra damage with every skill


ELEPHANTS – This is a must for extra skill damage


HYDROSPRITE – For the cooldown


DEER – Situational for bosses for pushing stages that you get easily killed’


CACTUS – Situational if you haven’t got other listed pals for extra damage


DRAGON – This is a must-pet for mages because it gives us a Skill Crit rate where mages excel.


FOX – Good for healers’ path


Skills are very important to mages, pray that you’ll have better luck in pulling the correct skills.
Pull skills until have a chance to get the red skills, this is in line with your offline rewards as there are chance that you’ll get red skills. But be mindful that there is a Skill Rush on Days 23 and 24.

For Early Game: Yellow and Violet level


  • Pineapple Plunge + Pearl Release + Nature Renewal + Shroom Shield + Batty Trace

For midgame, that hasn’t unlocked red skills.

You may use these skill sets.

For Stages

  • Meteor Fall + Take it Slow + Easy Breezy + Shroom Shield + Nature’s Renewal/Durian Bomb

For Abyssal Portal and Fam Boss

  • Meteor Fall + Take it Slow + Easy Breezy + Coin Bomb + Durian Bomb

With red skills unlocked

Smoke Bomb + Meteor Fall + Wild Gust + Dazzled + Disarm + Durian Bomb/Shroom Shield <situational>

Sorry, I don’t have the other skills yet.

For late game

You can use the combination starting with Smoke Bomb or/and Meteor Fall along with the Red/Pink skills if you have not collected all the necessary pink skills.

  • Pink skills are a must to get.
  • Star Array is a must-have skill for mages to boost skill crit and skill crit DMG.
  • Blitz Assault situational w/ long CD but high damage
  • Dragonic Resonance is good for the boss due to percentage damage and with high damage resists enemy
  • Crimson Moonfall: must have; due to the very low cooldown that we can cast due
  • Clone Strike is mainly for PVP to sustain situational stages though have a long CD
  • Blade Pierce long CD but has good damage for the boss and PVP vs Warrior


Don’t pull all relics yet, as there is a Relics Rush event on Day 22–28 (7 days total). Pull relics until you get the Thundercaller Kite Relic, then it’s your choice to wait for the Relic Rush Event

Green Relic / MASK

  • Equip Demon’s Mask

Blue Relic / FOSSIL

  • Equip Thundercaller Kite

Purple Relic / TREASURE

  • Equip Magic Box

Yellow Relic / BOOK

Situational Relic for bosses can equip any available. The best one is Beasthide Book for pushing stages

Orange Relic / STATUE

  • Crystal Statue <if you only meteor fall>
  • Time Statue <if you have disarm, dazzle and smoke bomb skills>
  • Stellar Statue <if you have the star array skill>

Red Relic / NECKLACE

Equip any relic that is available with your current skills. You can equip them.

  • Mid-game – Crimson Sickle Necklace
  • Late game – Abyss Necklace

Pink Relic

  • I have no idea about this yet; maybe someone could help me if they acquire it in the future


Mount can boost your power really quickly. Don’t use all your diamonds on Mount yet in the early days. On Day 9, there is a Mount Rush EVENT, and you can use the diamonds there. READ OUR: Legend of Mushroom Event Calendar for upcoming event

It’s okay not to be in the top ranking in Mount Rush; you just need to focus on getting the Rush Rewards for this.

Just use extra diamonds to fill extra power if you think you cannot push any stages anymore. You can buy a clock winder in the Shop under Supply Store (maybe developers can add discount days for this.

That’s for reading this Legend of Mushroom Mage Build – Skills, Relic, Pal & Mounts guide.

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