Pixel Heroes Best Team Guide & Comp (May 2024)

In this guide, we offer information about the basics of Pixel Heroes Best Team Guide & Comp. Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is an RPG developed by HaoPlay Limited. When starting, you might wonder which heroes you should build first. Luckily the game is generous and gives two great early heroes right at the beginning. One is Anata, which is a 5-star legendary hero you will get from your first 10-pull summon.

The other one is Divine Dancer Gronru, which you will get from the first event. Because these heroes are both legendary heroes, they can provide good DPS early and can be carried into the mid-game, because they are really easy to ascend (star up) and outscore other Myth heroes that are limited to 5 stars until you can get more copies of each hero.

Anata is a great hero who deals single-target damage, but her skill allows her to trigger multiple times if the attack finishes off her last target, and so on. Gronru on the other hand deals great AOE damage with her skill.

In case you are wondering which one you should build first, it is really up for preference and usually just a matter of which you can ascend more easily.

For example, I currently use both heroes because I am lacking other DPS. Now let’s take a look at Pixel Heroes Best Team created by “Ƥh3ɳìX / Jing / christian / Yuu / Community”

Pixel Heroes Best Team Guide & Comp

Pixel Heroes Team 1


Pixel Heroes Best Team

For example, this is the team that you have deployed. your opponent will target accordingly from right to left, top to bottom in that order. ”

the order will go like this
1. hammer girl
2. dude w big sword
3. irelia
4. spear dude
5. lilybell girl
6. sheep girl
7. slime

This order of attacking will be applied in every scenario and formation. naturally, you would want to put your tank in the first spot to tank the big dmg and put your healers in the back few rows

There are several units that can bypass this order, such as Irelia (she focuses on the lowest hp enemy) or qingluan who completely ignores the attack order. thus, tanks lose effectiveness against these st enemies that bypass attack order (further accentuating the importance of themis)”

Pixel Heroes Team 2

Example of a stationary tank team (not gil/bar)

Pixel Heroes Best Team 2

thanatos is placed at the front to tank the dmg n so it (is ineffective against st nukes unless u have themis)

Pixel Heroes Team 3

Example of a gil/bar team

Pixel Heroes Team 3

Gil/bar has an innate skill that will absorb dmg dealt to your DPS w the highest atk stat. in a dynamic team like this, it is crucial to place your highest ATK DPS at the very front position to take hits.

When ur highest atk DPS is at the front, don’t need to worry about it dying as Gil will automatically absorb and tank the damage dealt to them. the best part of this is that your DPS is still the one that is considered a “hit”, and they will gain extra rage upon each hit.

This specific formation will ensure that your DPS will always get “hit” and slowly recover extra rage while receiving little damage.

in this case, my dual sword girl is my highest atk DPS, hence I put her at the front spot to get hits and use her rage skill more often.

That’s it for this Pixel Heroes Best Team Guide & Comp.

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