Pixel Heroes Pet Tier List – Best Pet Guide & Ranking

Are you looking to play a powerful Pet for your heroes that will be your hero companions? This Pixel Heroes Pet Tier List will help you decide who to pick and why.

Well, there are so many Pets in Pixel Heroes and It becomes hard for players to choose the right Pet for their heroes in Pixel Heroes So find out the pet tier list below.

Pixel Heroes Pet Tier List – Best Pet Guide & Ranking

Tier S

All the below are the Best in the game and that’s why they are mentioned in Tier S of this Pet tier list.

AoE Damage and buff the strongest ally up to +20% ATK and +20% damage
“3 targets, good debuff
Summons a mini turtle (small tank) which buffs the team and debuffs the opposing team when killed”
Good heal and overall good buffs
AoE Damage and good debuff (additional damage on receiving damage)

Tier A

All the Tier A pets are very good

His stun debuff is great but his full kit is pretty random
“Big single-target DPS (very strong early on) Heals for that damage your lowest health ally (very nice)”
“Damages split between enemies (meh) and removes 2 enemy buffs (nice) not as good as the other red pets”

Tier B

All the Tier A pets are good

It Can slow down the speed and reduce the ATK of 3 opponents (pretty good, speed is important)
It Poisons 2 enemies and, boosts the ATK of 2 allies.
It allows allies to hit for x1.2 damage on the 3 enemies he burns (decent early on)

Tier C

All the Tier C pets are poor for you heroes, so recommended you to choose Tier S and Tier A Pet only.

“3 targets
20% chance to reduce DEF by 10% on each target”
“Can stun (useful)”
“Heal and buff 1 ally to recover HP over 2 turns (not so great)”
“CT rate buff (useless)”

Thanks for reading this Pixel Heroes Pet Tier List.

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