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Block Tales is a new Multiplayer Turn Based RPG inspired by Paper Mario 64 and Earthbound, This game was created by Untitled Group 60173 and Right now it is available in the Demo version full game will be released in the future.

In this guide, we will give you Roblox Block Tales Trello & Wiki link – Beginner Guide for new players. In the trello, you will find info about Badges / How to get them, Enemy Index, Items, The Pit, Location, and Cards.So you can find Roblox Block Tales Trello & Wiki link below.

Roblox Block Tales Trello Home Screen

Roblox Block Tales Trello & Wiki


Roblox Block Tales Beginner Guide

Block Tales Demo 1 BUX Guide

  • Currently Obtainable: 17

Library – Behind Bookshelf Left of Rthro Man
Iron Cafe 1 – Top of stage (climb the Truss)
Iron Cafe 2 – Hiding behind North Corner of Stage (between the stacked tables)
Bizville Area 2 – Use one of the Iron Cafe signs to get on top of the building (can be difficult to do), then climb on top of the lamppost, or climb the tree Southeast of Iron Cafe and throw Superball to obtain
Job Center – Hiding in the Right Second-Northernmost booth
Arcade – Behind the Left Arcade Machines
I Spy Card – Found at the Bizville Arcade, obtainable by throwing Superball at the Claw Machine, Used for finding BUX locations
Roblox HQ – On top of an overturned chair on the second floor
Grasslands Area 1 – Northwestern Cliff
Grasslands Area 4 – Top of Jabroingle’s House
Cave Area 2 – East, Ground Floor, behind Talking Rock
Cave Area 3 – Floor 2, Left of the Truss Leading to Floor 3
Roadtown – behind the Waterfall, Penguin Village Fountain

Block Tales Demo 1 Obtainables Guide

Bomb – Trampoline outside of Roblox HQ
Sword Toss Card – Unlockable after obtaining Wooden Sword, Bizville Area 1, break Planks behind Rat Man
Bomb – Trampoline after Roblox HQ bridge
Power Stab Card – Tutorial, Given by Tutorial Terry before Grasslands Area 1
Cheezburger – Grasslands Area 2 top of Lamppost left of the Trampoline (use the Trampoline to access)
Cheezburger – Grasslands Area 4, trampoline befor

HP+ Card – Tutorial, Use Superball to Obtain
Cheezburger – Cave Area 1, Floor 2 Room
Linebounce Card – Cave Area 1, Floor 3 East (Can be obtained safely with Superball)
Bloxy Cola – Cave Area 2, fall North of the Bridge
Fireball Card – Cave Area 3 Floor 2, Left of Truss Leading to Floor 3, Awards Pretty Fire
Snowball Card – Roadtown, behind the Waterfall. Penguin Village Lake, Awards Pretty Cool
Double Cheezburger – Southeast Roadtown, obtainable with Superball
Mr Batty – South of Roadtown, break planks to obtain
Cookie – Northeast Roadtown, given by Betsy
Cheezburger – Snowy Mountain Area 1
Bomb – Snowy Mountain Area 1, break planks to obtain
Stinky Latte – Snowy Mountain Area 2, break planks at Southwest to obtain
Safe Guard Card – Snowy Mountain Area 2, Southeast
Stinky Latte – Snowy Mountain Area 3, South
Happy HP Card – Snowy Mountain Area 3, Southeast
Ice Storm – Snowy Mountain Area 3, break planks at Northwest to obtain
Bloxy Cola – Snowy Thicket Area 3
Bomb – Snowy Thicket Area 8, Obtained after pulling lever inside the Cottage
Resurrect Card – Snowy Thicket Area 8, Top of Northeast Tree
Cheezburger – Snowy Thicket Area 11, North of the Ice Puzzle
Whole Pizza – Roadtown, Obtained after freeing Accountant Jim, Awards Rock and a Hard Place
Stinky Latte – Blackrock Castle Area 4, South after the first Breakable Pillar
Stinky Latte – Blackrock Castle Area 5, Eastern Breakable Pillar

Endgame Obtainables/Unlocks

Sewers, The Pit – Unlockable after obtaining Shrinking, Go to Bizville Area 1 and head Northeast, In front of the Docks sign, there is the sewers. Use Shrinking to enter Rat Town. Break Planks at the Back of Rat Town to Unlock the Pit.
Cure Card – The Pit, Floor 0
Daze Card – The Pit, Floor 10
Fireball Card – The Pit, Floor 20

Block Tales Demo 1 Badges Guide

Played Demo 1 – Obtainable upon Joining (Demo 1)
Humble Beginnings – Obtainable upon creating a save file
A Price to Pay – Choose the dialogue option “How about I kill you” when waking up in Terry’s bed
Free Balloon Day – In Bizville Area 1, Cut the Clown’s Balloons
Hello World – Beat Noobador
King of the Sea – Catch all 10 Fish (expect to use thousands of TIX to obtain this)
Wealthy – Collect 10 BUX in one file (spent BUX counts towards this)
Baller – Hit 4 enemies with one Linebounce
Bombastic – Defeat 4 enemies with one bomb
Pretty Fire – Obtained by finding the Fire Ants in Cave Area 3 Floor 2, Left of Truss Leading to Floor 3
Pretty Cool – Obtained by finding Penguin Village in Roadtown, Behind the Waterfall.
Card Collector – Obtain 15 Cards in one file (Cards can be obtained on the map, the Sketchy Figure (BUX) in Bizville or through Desna (TIX) in Roadtown
A Rock and a Hard Place – Collect Pizza after Freeing Jim
Heartless – Beat Chapter 1 without Freeing Jim
Hot Seat – Blow up the Sleeping Guard in Blackrock Castle’s Prison Room
True DPS – Deal over 15 damage with one attack (Engage a battle with Dynamite, Use Apple Pie, throw a fully powered Dynamite)
Savior – Revive an ally while their health is ticking down (best done at the Sentient Statue boss, or The Pit)
Dethroned – Defeat Cruel King (End of Chapter 1)
Bloxxer – Beat all Demo 1 Bosses on Hard Mode (Noob Duo, Noobador, Supreme Ant, Banished Knight, Sentient Statue, Cruel King)
Stylish – Defeat the Cruel King without taking any Damage (Use a Pie and throw 3 Dynamite, requires timing to dodge the ice mist, or use Safe Guard to safely block)
Pit Fighter – Reach Floor 20 of The Pit
Loaded Deck – Max out your BP

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