Roblox Sorcery Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide, Best Domain

Roblox Sorcery is a new game created by Bloodsung. This is an early access jjk parry based combat pvp game. In this article, we will give you the Roblox Sorcery Trello & Wiki link and some beginner tips and tricks about Combat System, Level and Stats, Progression, Items, Map, Domain Expansion, and much more.

Below you can find the Roblox Sorcery Trello Link and beginner guide.

Roblox Sorcery Trello

Untitled Gym Game Trello & Wiki Link


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Roblox Sorcery Beginner Guide

How to unlock skills

In the main area where you spawn when you log in there is a bed that you can lay on to invest stat points and obtain skills


Ghost Slash – 25 STR

Single close range slash

Tachiyomi- 50 STR and 25 AGIL

Kick a opponent upwards where you can follow up if it is upgraded to level 3

Manji Kick – 25 STR and 25 AGIL

dashing kick that guard breaks

Rising Blade- 25 STR and 10 AGIL

Swing your blade upwards allowing you to air combo

Best Domain and how to use

Only obtained when the you is either Grade 1, Special Grade 1 or Special grade

You need 15 ranked wins to unlock domain then die and you will revive and get your domain

To actually use you need to deal a good amount of damage and must have your weapon put away if you are using guns or katana

(After three uses on the fourth one the user will die unless they wait for their “insanity” to go down) (noticed by the blue hue on your screen)

Mutual love

Roblox Sorcery Domain mutual Love

In the domain, swords will be all around the place and when the domains player runs into them they will explode harming others but healing themself

Infinite void

Roblox Sorcery Domain mutual Love

When used stuns everyone is caught in the domain. You can use the domain expansion icon again to rip someone’s head off

(does around 90% dmg to those who are not heavenly restricted not confirmed)

Malevolent Shrine

Roblox Sorcery Domain Malevolent Shrine

Once used there will be a short animation played. After that animation there will be a barrage of slashes released and everyone in the domain will die (eventually).

This domain can be countered by having someone not in the animation heal you after the domain begins.

(You can walk into the domain if not caught in the animation and take no damage)

Idle Death Gamble

Roblox Sorcery Domain Idle Death Gamble

Once used you will go into an animation where there is a chance of them hitting a “Jackpot”

If you hit a “Jackpot” then you will gain unlimited cursed energy and will reflexively do the Reverse Curse Technique (RCT)

(After the first “Jackpot” there seems to be an increased chance of landing a “Jackpot”. Not confirmed)

Chimera Shadow Garden

This domain will damage and stun other players overtime but will heal you based on the damage dealt by the hits


Sorcerers: If you are a sorcerer to level up and grade up you must kill curses. the curses can be either NPCs that spawn around the map or players that are curses.

‌Curses: To level up as a curse you can kill Humans that spawn around the map but you can also kill sorcerer players

Thanks for reading, Also check out the below guide.

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