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Welcome to Roblox Studlands Trello & Wiki Link – Beginner Guide. Studlands is an open-world RPG game developed by STUDCORP. In this game, you can fight against Bosses and enemies. just like other open-world games you can do cooking in Studlands.

Below you will find Studlands Trello & Wiki Link in which you will find a lot of information about games like Armor/Accessories, Weapons, Mini Bosses, Quest, Items, Ores, and Resources.

Studlands Trello HomeScreen

Roblox Studlands Trello & Wiki Link


Roblox Studlands Guide


Roblox Studlands Map

There are currently 6 biomes and 4 towns in studlands

Those being, Cube Plains, Flowey Fields, Redwood Forest, Balzzone, Cube Forest, Mushey Hills and Frost mountain

There are also towns, those being near Cube forest, Flowey Fields, Ballzone, Mushey Hills and Frost mountain


Studlands has a very unique take on healing, In studlands, you can only heal by using consumables, dying, leveling up, or using beds.


The backpack is where your items are stored in studlands The backpack has 2 sections, “Items” and “Gear”

The items section stores most of your normal items and the Gear section stores your weapons and other usable. You can equip items in slots ranging from 1 to 5 by clicking them.


This is the place where you can equip your armor and emblems, each in their respective category


Crafting is one of the main aspects of studlands, where you make items to help on your journey

As you level up, more recipes are unlocked, you can find what items you unlock in the item sections of this trello


In this section you can see your ongoing quests. Get new quests from NPCs with red question marks above them. Most quests cannot be repeated, with some rare exceptions. It is possible to track one quest at a time

Teleport Waypoints

With wayponts, you can unlock the ability to teleport to multiple areas of the game quicker, working as a fast travel

This feature is permanently unlocked at level 10. Once you find a location shrine, you will have to buy it for 100 coins, this is a ONE time purchase


Roblox Studlands Stats

Damage Boost: % Damage boost to all weapons
Melee Boost: % Damage boost to melee weapons
Lethality: % Crit chance increase (base crit chance is 0%)

Archery Boost: % Damage boost to all bows

Firearm Boost: % Damage boost to all guns

Resistance: Decreases incoming physical damage (but not special attack damage) from enemies

Precision: Increases the range of all ranged weapons (the number is the amount of studs increased)

Dasher – increases dash range

Greed – increases sell value of all items at pawns

Luck – increases drop chances of stuff from enemies (1% luck = 1% drop chance increase flat.)

Haste – decreases weapon cooldown

Agility – decreases dash cooldown

Arrow/Bullet Efficiency: Chance to not consume ammo/arrows


Studlands Cooking

Cooking is an important aspect of studlands. You can cook ingredients and meals, which are used to heal your character. Some meals are better than others, and some have special uses, like summoning bosses

Solar Eclipse

Roblox Studlands Stats

Solar Eclipses have a 5% chance of occurring every 20 minutes. They can also be started with 149 Robux at the Robux Shop. During a Solar Eclipse, All Enemies, Ores, and Resources will have x2 HP. Enemies will have x2 Drop Rates


VIP is a gamepass in Studlands costing 499 robux, this will give you the following:

  • Exclusive VIP Chat Tag
  • +25% exp boost
  • +25% Sell price value
  • Health Scroll, which heals 5 hp when used, with a 1 second cooldown
  • Exclusive VIP discord role

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