Top God Idle Heroes Beginner Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Manage Your Relic

Hi guys, Welcome to Top God Idle Heroes Beginner Guide, In this guide, we will talk about Top God Idle Heroes Relic. before we start you should check out the Top God Idle Heroes Codes page for free rewards.

Relics are another aspect of the game where you can gather passive bonuses and offer the first real opportunity to begin messing with builds and loadouts. Once unlocked, you’ll have to collect shiny shovels from the Goblin Village located in the dungeons tab. Each level completed in Goblin Village offers a larger reward of shiny shovels for unlocking and upgrading relics.

Once you collected shiny shovels, the first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the relics tab. There you will see seven different slots where you can equip one relic each. This is as follows, tableware, bottle, statue, carpet, necklace, mask, book.

To equip a relic, you must first find them using shiny shovels to dig them up. Your priority here should be to unlock every relic in every tab before upgrading any. This is because initial discovery grants a far larger boost to attack and hp than trying to upgrade one as soon as you get it.

Once you have unlocked all relics from all seven slots, you’ll start the upgrade process. All relics in each corresponding slot provide the same boost at the same level at the same price(shiny shovels). Once you go to the next set of relics, that upgrade cost is considerably higher. I.e., the first upgrade in tableware on any of the four relics there will be cheaper than those in bottles, and so forth.

Now that you are upgrading relics, you will want to focus on the first item(in tableware its death knife), and upgrade it to level 100. As you upgrade, each level is more costly than the previous level. The reason you focus on one relic at a time is because you get a massive increase to atk and hp at that level.

It does not matter if you upgrade the relic you have equipped first because the level up bonus applies whether it’s equipped or not. Once all relics are upgraded to level 100, (this takes time…), you can start the process again, this time pushing to level 150(the max level for relics atm).

The cost at this point is considerably higher every level up than the increases prior to level 100. Leveling up relics does not increase their potency or decrease cooldowns/time limits. The ability contained by a relic is the same at level 1 as it is at level 150. (In my opinion, this renders most of them useless prior to mid-game.

Relic abilities and what they do:

Top God Idle Heroes Beginner Guide

The above image shows the first set of attainable relics, which are classified as tableware. Early on, you can get some usefulness out of a golden rice bowl, however, later you will more than likely change this to Poseidon’s Fork or “Spoon”….yes, just spoon.

Fork offers the ability to deliver a lightning bolt strike throughout the entirety of the battle whereas spoon triggers immediate redeployment of all skills in your lineup upon taking any damage for the first time. Where fork is useful, it fails due to a poor explanation and no information on the amount of damage caused or its scalability to the player. Therefore making spoon the desired choice later game.

Top God Idle Heroes Beginner Guide

The above image shows the second set of attainable relics you will come across in your relic discovery. This begins to give more leeway with character builds and has already started a debate among players on what is the best option.

Looking at hellfire, (this is the skill ANGER), it increases the pet base attack speed by 50%. This could be beneficial when stacked with specific builds around certain heroes relying on pets for hero abilities, as well as other relics increasing ANGER/RAGE later on in this guide.

Pig King’s Secret Message is a preferred relic by many players, especially early on. And remains viable even in mid-game. It begins to lose power and usefulness as you unlock higher-tier skills doing far more damage later on. This allows you to use the skill Boar Rush 1 additional time at the beginning of the battle.

Catch The Rainbow, (A personal favorite), allows the exploding frog to trigger twice with every skill activations, doubling its damage output. This relic, coupled with another later on, makes this relic viable even in late game if you have not been blessed by the RNG gods with skill pulls. Allowing exploding frogs to out-class and out-perform even mythic skills.

Magic Apple, early on, this relic is best used if the “auto equip” feature places demon grass mandala in your skill lineup. Late game, coupled with a higher-tier relic, makes it highly effective. And keeps the demon grass mandala useful until mythic and exotic skills are well-leveled. As stated, it reduces skill cooldown by 30%.

Top God Idle Heroes Beginner Guide

Being the third set of relics you will come across, it’s a surprisingly useless set of relics. With only two actually holding usefulness at the time of this walkthrough.

Bat King Statue: decreasing enemy movement speed by 20% as long as you have two or more bat pets in your pet party. If this is stacked with more bats decreasing movement speed even more, it might be useful in PVE settings. In PVP, completely useless.

Just Because Of The Statue is another worthless relic. By the time you unlock this relic, you have already unlocked epic and maybe even legendary skills. Not to mention, the skill, even maxed, has a lackluster damage output. Even with the 2.6 total activations per 5 seconds, it is simply outclassed even by common skills.

Flying Fish Statue: Given there is the hero, fisherman, this relic has applicability. Fisherman treats all pets as fish types. Coupled with this relic increases how rapid fish bones proc and ultimately increases fisherman’s viability in all aspects of battle. Great for a very specific build.

Weird Statue: the “go to” pick for this relic set because of its obvious description and general purpose use , “pet damage increased by 150%”.

Top God Idle Heroes Beginner Guide

Coming in at the fourth relic set, carpets.

Bomb Making Chicken when coupled with Hellfire and Just Because It’s A Statue, almost makes the bomb-throwing skill useful. However, because of the specific skills and relics needed, you sacrifice a great deal of other bonuses as well as other skill activations by trying to make this relic work at maximum efficiency.

Although, when that build is created, it’s enjoyable watching a literal endless barrage of bombs being thrown. Fun to watch, not to use.

Thorn Totem: affecting the stinging group/ prickly pike group, (another poor translation in game development), of pets. This skill can be incredibly useful. With a max boost of 200% achievable by equipping all stinging group/prickly-like group pets.

However, doing so will cause a noticeable decrease in damage due to giving up higher-tier pets to maximize its effectiveness. Even when used with the rage/anger build. You can make skills pretty powerful this way but again, would sacrifice a skill slot and lose a substantial amount of player damage due to pet equips. In my own testing, I found it far more efficient to use this relic with 1-2 top-tier stinging group/prickly pike pets rather than a full 5 lineup.

Hard Vortex is another “two or more” pet relics which would be practical if you got a larger bonus from adding more snails. Reducing enemy attack speed by 20% just isn’t enough when comparing it to thorn totem. If you happen to have two snails in your party, then it’s a “mind as well” kind of equipment.

Gorgeous Rug can actually be useful in the PVE aspect of the game. Giving an additional 8 seconds to the fight timer could be the difference between going to the next level, or fighting the current on repeat. Useful if none of the other relics in this set are applicable to your current build/load-out.

Top God Idle Heroes Beginner Guide

The fifth set of relics you’ll obtain is the necklace set. Some useful skills here but this set is obtainable a little too late in my opinion.

Goblin Medal turns the tides a bit in terms of damage output when stacked with a golden rice bowl from the first set and a few chickens. Stacked and fully upgraded, the gold coin missile launches 16 total coins doing 2180% of attack power. Making it great if you have had poor luck summoning mythic and exotic skills. It even outclasses level 1 mythic skills due to its spam rate of 2.6 activations per 5 seconds. And that’s without skill cooldown reduction.

Death Token: this relic, along with the death knife and the grim reaper skill is virtually useless. By the time you unlock this relic, you’re guaranteed to have better options. Damage output and practicality are simply not here. Unless the RNG gods haven’t favored you, it’s not worth using.

Infinity Stones: Many players are currently using what they think is a hidden treasure with this skill. As such, I spent a disgusting amount of time testing multiple builds, rerolling pacts, and breaking down rings to rebuild them. What you get- anger/ rage increases attack speed by 200% and procs every 1 second if you have no skill cooldown. Plus, when stacked with hellfire and thorn totem gives great bonuses to pet attack speed and skill damage.

If you include a book of power, you increase atk by whatever amount your critical rate/chance exceeds 100%. There wasn’t a combination I found in any aspect of the game, that made this a good build, with noticeable damage increases or outputs.

However, if you’re truly f2p, this build could help if you’re not receiving mythic or exotic skills. Through more testing and collaboration with Yama and a few others, this can be an effective build. I’ve noticed now that it appears to be more effective in immediate battles such as the battle of the mines as opposed to others.

Boar Tusks: it’s broken. Coupled with Pig King, this allows boar crash to deliver 6 boars right at the start of battle. Each boar deals 29,230%(lvl100) attack damage. Even with 3 boars after the initial wave, it comes in at a total of just under 90,000% for each activation. This relic is amazing until a player begins leveling mythic and exotic skills, which end up overshadowing the amount of damage a boat crash can do.

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