Untitled Gym Game Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

Untitled Gym Game is a popular weight-lifting gym game created by Good Studios: West. In this article, we will give you the Untitled Gym Game Trello & Wiki link and some beginner tips and tricks about Gym Equipment, Muscle Aesthetics, pump, money method, punching challenge mode, and much more.

Untitled Gym Game Trello Guide (1)

Untitled Gym Game Trello & Wiki Link


Untitled Gym Game Guide

Game Bar Information

Untitled Gym Game Trello Guide

Blue Bar: Represents a player’s current energy, whenever they lift the energy bar will decrease. It’s max amount of energy is 100, and its lowest is 0.

Pump Bar: The pump bar is used to show the player’s progress before their pump happens, this bar can be filled by using gym equipment. When the bar hits 300, the player’s pump will be activated for a short amount of time, giving them a temporary stat gain boost.

Small Blue Box: This is a stat gain multiplier given to a player when they join the group linked to the UGG game: Good Studios: West

Small Purple Box: This shows the total amount of game pass multipliers that a player has altogether, the multiplier represents stat gain.


When the pump is active, you will be given a temporary stat gain boost and a purple glow on their character’s body.

In order to have the pump active, you must fill up your pump bar to 300 by using gym equipment.

Untitled Gym Game Pump Guide


When should I use heavier weights?

A: It’s your choice, this game is ego-lifting so have fun with the process. But if you’re here for the grind, my method is to use a heavy weight that requires 9 stamina and grind it until you can use 9 stamina for the next heavyweight.

Q: What’s the best way to gain strength?

A: There isn’t any gym equipment that’s better than the rest, but I would recommend chest/back to be the stats to grind as they are linked to other stats. Also, use traditional weights to gain stats, it’s the fastest gym equipment type in this game.

Q: Do the game pass multipliers stack?

A: Yes, all game pass multipliers stack, they don’t MULTIPLY, they stack (add on) to each other.

Q: Why aren’t there any puddles when I apply for the janitor job?

A: Go in a private server and you will see the puddles.

Q: When do leg/calve muscles show?

A: Leg and calve muscles show when they reach at least 100 million.

Q: Why is my glow not showing up?

A: If you’re on mobile you cannot see glow at all. If your PC, your glow might’ve not loaded in when you spawned in. Or you just don’t meet the muscle requirement for a glow you want.

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