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Are you looking for the official Untitled Tag Game Trello and Wiki? You’re in the right place! Read on for the Untitled Tag Game Trello link. It is a very popular roblox game where you can climb, slide, roll, vault, and swinging.  it’s a mix of everything, classic Roblox, modern Roblox, and a game for everyone.

In this article, we will show you information about everything that this game has including Competitive UTG, So come and take a look at the trello link & beginner tips.

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Untitled Tag Game Trello


Untitled Tag Game Guide


Sprinting allows you to move quickly throughout maps.


Vaulting help you to jump up onto or off a surface. To vault press your jump button near a place higher than your feet.


Sliding helps you to slide on the ground which is very useful for getting under tricky spots/evading. For Sliding you can press the tag C to slide


Rolling gives you a slight speed boost rather than just falling normally, to roll press your slide button before hitting the ground. Rolling is very useful for escaping those pesky taggers, so keep on rolling baby!


When not running, you can press your slide button to crouch, overall, it’s not as useful as the others but spamming it can be used as a sign of peace.

Remember to string these mechanics together and try out new things for better routes, combos, etc.

Competitive UTG

Competitive UTG (otherwise known as “comp”), are players who use advanced tactics, strategies, and just overall skill to be better than the average player. Comp is a very different side to UTG, which makes the game more enjoyable for those of a higher skill level.

There were many competitive players in UTG, but most have either quit or don’t play as much anymore. But still, always be aware of comp players, as they can dominate the server if you’re not skilled enough.

But also try and learn from comp players, as a lot of them would be more than happy to pass down their knowledge.

That’s it for this Untitled Tag Game Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide.

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