Zero to Hero Pixel Saga Best Team & Line Up Formation.

Hi guys, Today we will show you the Zero to Hero Pixel Saga Best Team & Line Up Formation. In order to build a strong team in Zero to Hero Pixel Saga, you have to understand every hero and their strengths, skills, and abilities and after that, you can create a good in Zero to Hero.

You can build anything in the early game because you just started and you don’t know what characters you gonna have

There are 4 main roles that you should have:

  • Main Damage Dealer:
  • Support damage dealer or secondary DPS unit with utility
  • You should add 1 Control hero to your team
  • You can also Tank Hero in your Team

Now below we will share some lineups and Zero to Hero Pixel Saga Best Team that you can use in battles If you want to know about heroes check out our Zero to Hero Pixel Saga Tier List and if you need free gems in the game then use Zero to Hero Pixel Saga Codes

Zero to Hero Pixel Saga Best Team & Line Up Formation

Line Up 1

Zero To Hero Pixel Saga Best Team 1

Line Up 2

Zero To Hero Pixel Saga Best Team 2

Zero to Hero Pixel Saga Team Tips

You can’t control what team is good for you in the early game if your character doesn’t have lots of dupes, you just have to use the character with the highest star

Once you unlock Resonance, you can play around team building, it has 5 slots that are level-gated, so take ur time

When you unlock all 5 slots in resonance or less, then for example you have 5 characters with the highest star but very random, then you can just resonance all of them with other characters to make a full team comp that you want

Enjoy the game, cause right now today this team can be good, tomorrow that team is better due to the content in the game, there are runes, awakening, and even pets coming

Take your time especially if ur a nonspender or a low-spender

Keep in mind that these teams are just examples. You can create your teams.

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