Grand Piece Online Update 9.5 Patch Notes & Update Log

Hi guys, The latest Grand Piece Online Update 9.5 adds a new Anniversary Island, a new Battle Royale Map, Battle Pass and a new New Bosses. This update also adds new Weapons, new Santa’s Seafaring Adventure and a new Improved trading and new codes, which you can find here:

Grand Piece Online Update 9.5 Patch Notes & Update Log (GPO)

New Islands

Anniversary Island 2023

  • Location: First sea only, situated east of the Town of Beginnings
  • Features: Spawns 1 gift for every player in the server (max 12 gifts) every 30 minutes
  • Activities: Queue up for raid

New Bosses

Supreme Giftbox, Rocky

  • Drops 3 presents for every player in the raid, containing:
  • New anniversary hats/outfits
  • Anniversary weapons + prestige
  • Race rerolls
  • SP Reset Essence
  • Dark Roots

New Weapons

[Battle Pass] Iceborn Katana


[Santa/Robux] Iceborn Blade

[SANTAROBUX] Iceborn Blade

[Anniversary Dungeon] Firework Rocket Launcher + Prestige

[Anniversary Dungeon] Firework Daggers + Prestige
Note: Prestige weapons are easier to obtain compared to previous years, but remain rare. Regular versions available in the Robux shop.

Firework Rocket Launcher + Prestige and Firework Daggers + Prestige

New Santa Event

Santa Sails the Seas with His Reindeers

Objective: Follow and distract Santa for presents containing:

  • Iceborn Blade
  • Iceborn Rapier
  • Iceborn Daggers
  • New outfits/hats
  • SP Reset Essence
  • Race Reroll
  • Dark Root

New Battle Royale Map + Battle Pass

New Battle Royale Map + Battle Pass

  • Features: Includes race rerolls and the Stark Gun from the previous Battle Pass, alongside outfits and more.
  • Updates: Now allows purchasing of individual tiers.

Balance Changes

  • Dullahan: Grab no longer guard breaks and now has reduced stun.
  • Vampire: Chains have increased endlag, bite cooldown increased.
  • Dragon Claw: Rush no longer guard breaks.
  • Black Pitchfork: Reduced stun, increased knockback on Pitchfork R.
  • Hollow Greatsword: E no longer guard breaks, increased knockback on second hit.
  • Kikoku: Increased endlag on Kikoku E.
  • Kage: Increased endlag and reduced stun on box and burrow.
  • Mera: Slightly reduced burn damage. Added evasive bar mechanic.

Other Changes

  • Dullahan: Removed from rolling if the Dullahan title is not owned.
  • Increased trade slots.
  • Fruit Chests in Impel Shop: 30% off for the next week, 15% off on weekends permanently.
  • Revamped vanity system and Elo gain/loss.
  • Item buffs now visible in inventory (exceptions apply).

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