Last War Research Guide (July 2024)

Hi All, TerryblyMe here, Server President and Rank 1 player from Server 32. Here is a Last War Research Guide for you!

Last War Research Guide

Most Efficient Way to Power-Up your Squad with Research:


Valor Medals are worth USD$100 per 1000 medals. They are that expensive for a good reason!
Research trees that are not mentioned in here does not contribute to squad power at all, even if they contribute to overall tech power!

Just by having 200k more tech power than your opponent, you can cross the gap to beat players with 0.5m more squad power than you!

Now, on to the Last War Research Guide:


At the beginning, it may not seem like much, with just a few minutes saved here and there
But as you progress, a single research can take 20+ days to complete!

0) Alliance Duel Tech

Although this does not add on to squad power, it should be the 1st priority for anyone starting out.
The goal is to unlock T7 to T9 rewards as soon as possible – thereby unlocking Special Forces Tech
Afterward, you can decide whether you want to further research the tech in order to get more VS points (recommend to max Radar & Speedups)

1) Garage 1 Tech

The #1 cheapest as well as fastest upgrade to your 1st Squad! Max it as soon as possible

2) Special Forces Tech

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Progress in here is progress towards Tier10 soldiers!

The 3 special researches only available here – Damage Reduction x2 and Morale, are absolutely game-changing and give your squad such an advantage over your opponent you’d wish you unlocked it sooner!

The goal is to first work towards unlocking Tier 10 troops (Can be done by around 50% Special Forces)

Then, the ultimate goal would be to max out all the important special forces tech (once you max it, should be at 88%)

Important Note: Only conduct research on Special Forces on Research Day! Valor Medals contribute a lot to Alliance Duel Points! Research day is one of the easiest days for Free-to-play players to get 7.2m points!

3) Hero Tech

Work towards unlocking the last row of hero tech. Max out Tank Hero Research along the way. Then max out the final row of Hero Tech (by the time you completed the above, your hero tech should be at around 88%)

Hero Tech should always be within 10% of your Units Tech. Conduct research on Heroes from Thursdays to Tuesdays (Wednesday is Research Day, aka Special Force Day). Prioritise in the following order: Damage > Attack > Health > Defense

4) Units Tech

Very fast and cheap to build, compared to Hero / Special Forces
Contributes the least to Squad Power, but still important nonetheless
Should be no more than 10% higher than Hero Tech (eg. 60% Units research, 50% Hero research)

Here are some checkpoints to know if your research is up to par with other players of your level: (As of 19/02/2024)

Lvl22+ Headquarters: 45% Units | 35% Hero | 25% Special Forces
Lvl24+ Headquarters: 50% Units | 40% Hero | 30% Special Forces
Lvl27+ Hearquarters: 70% Units | 60% Hero | 35% Special Forces
Lvl30 Headquarters: 80% Units | 70% Hero | 40% Special Forces

If you’re above the recommended checkpoint, congratulations! You should be higher in tech power than most players at your level! If not, then you know you’ve got work to do!

Special Mention to “Defense Fortification” Research! 1st Research on that tree unlocks your 4th Hospital. 100% should get

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